What's your profit potential?

From freezer to fryer to fork in minutes…

Have you ever wondered what your profit potential could be by adding additional product lines or menu items to your business?

Install a Fast Chef Elite+ ventless fryer in your business, you could start offering a range of hot, cooked to order, snacks which are high in margin but low in effort…

What would you pay for a portion of French Fries?

What’s your profit potential?

Hmm? Some onion rings could be nice too…

What’s your profit potential?

By simply adding these two new menu items to your business you could generate over £25K in additional profit each year!

With potential profit returns like this, you could get a return on your equipment investment in as little as six months!

The Fast Chef Elite’s ventless design means it can be installed in most food service businesses, convenience stores, kiosk or ‘wet-led’ bars without the need to install expensive extraction hoods.

Zero wastage! – The Fast Chef Elite allows you to cook a wide range of items straight from the freezer; simply put a portion in the fill hopper, select the correct cooking time and you’ll be serving hot, crispy appetisers and snacks literally in minutes.

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Fries and onion rings are not the only items you can cook through a Fast Chef Elite… With a little imagination, you could revolutionise your menu and hot food offer with an amazing range of quick to cook, easy to serve and highly profitable fried foods.

What’s your profit potential?

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