Zest Frozen Yogurt - Featured Case Study

Zest Frozen Yogurt – Featured Case StudyZest Frozen Yogurt

Previously I ran a restaurant therefore I am well aware about the requirement to purchase top quality equipment from reputable suppliers, that’s why I chose Taylor UK, particularly as they have so much experience in the frozen yogurt market. Sales have increased substantially since opening in December 2012, which will allow me to open my second store later in 2013 Andrew Wilson – Owner

5 oz Frozen Yogurt Profit Projection

Selling Price £1.75
Less VAT* £0.35*
Sub Total £1.40
Less Product Cost £0.35**
Profit per portion £1.05
Average Daily Servings 50
Nett Daily Profit £52.50
Selling Days 360
Nett Annual Profit £18,900

*VAT at 20% **Projected sales based on 5oz portion of plain yogurt.

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