Case Study - 'The Milk Bar'

The Milk Bar

 Case Study – ‘The Milk Bar’

“Knowing Taylor UK as the market leaders in the supply of soft serve equipment, I had every confidence in their ability to advise me on choosing the correct machine and supporting me thereafter”.

“I have been pleased with the sales and profitability of soft serve frozen yogurt and as a result I fully intend to install another yogurt machine in one of my other businesses” Paul Bartnum – Owner

Frozen Yogurt – Profit Projection

Selling Price £3.00
Less VAT* £0.50*
Sub Total £2.50
Less Product Cost £0.22**
Profit per Portion £2.28
Average Daily Servings 34
Nett Daily Profit £77.52
Selling Days 360
Nett Annual Profit £27,900


*VAT at 20% in 2008 **Product cost provided by customer.

Why not use our profit calculator to work out your own profit projection.

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