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Case Study – Boom Shakes

TurboChef C3

“Before we had a TurboChef oven, we would struggle with the demand for food orders. Since the introduction of the C3 to our business, we can offer a wider range of food, as well as cope with demand. This is attributed to the speed of cooking by the oven.”

“The introduction of the TurboChef has allowed us to offer products that we would never have thought of doing before!”

Kay Bhudia – Owner

Toasties – Profit Projection

Selling Price £3.00
Less VAT* £0.39*
Sub Total £2.61
Less Product Cost £0.70**
Profit per Portion £1.91
Average Daily Servings 50
Nett Daily Profit £95.00
Selling Days 360
Nett Annual Profit £34,380.00


*VAT at 15% **Product costs based on am ‘eat in’ chicken or tuna melt toastie.

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