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Case Study – Smart Buns

Taylor L820 Clamshell Grill

June 2020

200 Burgers in 20 Minutes!

Nafees Tariq opened Smart Buns in Woodgreen, London in June 2020. The operation is 100% Halal and is dedicated to serving their local community with the highest quality, tastiest burgers possible whilst maintaining great value for money.

We asked Nafees a few questions…

Why did you choose the Taylor L820? “I had used the Taylor clamshell grills before whilst working in a previous business. Now that I’ve started my own operation, I knew I had to have one of my own!”

What advantages does the Taylor L820 provide? “I choose the L820 model as it was the best balance of size and performance. The speed and quality of the cook ensures that we serve a consistent product every time”. Nafees added, “I also wanted to get away from gas equipment, the L820 is electric which I believe is safer and cheaper.”

Are you happy with your decision? “Yes, the grill makes us quick and efficient when dealing with our customers demands. This is especially important when dealing with all of the delivery partners as they can be quite demanding. The grill allows us to keep up with demand even when it’s really busy!”

Has the grill changed your business? “Yes. The grill allows us to cook quicker, we can therefore cook more which means we can serve more. As a result, we’ve become busier simply from throughput.”

Do you have any additional comments? “The help, support and advice which we were given by the team at Taylor UK made our purchasing decision easy. This level of support is really important when making this kind of investment when you’re a new small business.”

Nafees Tariq – Owner – Smart Buns

You can check out Smart Buns for yourself, the Woodgreen store can be found at 83 Turnpike Lane, London N8 ODY



Quarter Pound Burger – Profit Example

Selling Price £3.69
Less VAT* £0.62*
Sub Total £3.07
Less Product Cost £0.95**
Profit per Portion £2.12
Average Daily Servings 150
Nett Daily Profit £318.00
Selling Days 364
Nett Annual Profit £115,752.00


*VAT at 20% **Product cost example provided by Smart Buns, your profit potential may vary.


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