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Case Study – Cova

TurboChef Sota

“Having seen the TurboChef ovens in operation at an exhibition, I was particularly interested in the speed of cooking and the ventless technology, so much so that I considered by purchasing an oven it would take by business to the next level. Since installing the Sota oven it has, as expected, brought major benefits to our operation by way of turning around customers orders much quicker than before.”

James Fay – Owner

Foccacias – Profit Projection

Selling Price £5.95
Less VAT* £0.99*
Sub Total £4.96
Less Product Cost £0.80
Profit per Portion £4.16
Average Daily Servings 20
Nett Daily Profit £83.20
Selling Days 312
Nett Annual Profit £25,960.00**


*VAT at 20% **Projected sales based on one single item.

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