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Case Study – Grubbs

Taylor PH61

“I first saw Taylor Shake Machines being used in North America way back in 1972, and when I opened my first restaurant in 1978 I knew that I had to acquire one as they were used by all of the large American Fast Food Operator’s. Since that first purchase I haven’t looked back, resulting in the purchase of 7 Thick Shake machines over the years. In the main I sell burgers, chips and thick shakes. If I didn’t sell the shakes I wouldn’t sell much of anything else – needless to say my Taylor Shake Machine is an integral part of my business.”

Tim Grubb – Owner

Thick Shake – Profit Projection

Selling Price £1.60
Less VAT* £0.00*
Sub Total £1.60
Less Product Cost £0.35**
Profit per Portion £1.25
Average Daily Servings 115
Nett Daily Profit £143.75
Selling Days 363
Nett Annual Profit £52,180.00


*VAT exempt for takeaway products **Product cost provided by customer for 14oz shake.

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