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Case Study – Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe

Taylor 152 – Soft Ice Cream Cones

Having decided to introduce ice cream to my popular sweet shop, albeit a little apprehensive at the cost of the investment, I was delighted when, after the first summer season, it’s introduction fulfilled my hopes of bringing new customers to the shop.

It’s attracted everyone from adults and children to office workers from local businesses, all of which never came to my shop previously.

My sales of ice cream have proved so popular that during the summer I saw a complete return on my investment of the equipment!

Selling soft ice cream has increased footfall to the shop and has made additional profits without the detriment to other product lines.

Mrs Tracy Scanlan – Owner (Franchisee) 

3.5oz Soft Ice Cream Cone – Profit Example

Selling Price £2.00
Less VAT* £0.33*
Sub Total £1.67
Less Product Cost £0.20**
Profit per Portion £1.47
Average Daily Servings 30
Nett Daily Profit £44.10
Selling Days 180
Nett Annual Profit £7,938.00


*VAT at 20% **Product cost example provided by Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe


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