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Case Study – Petrou Brothers

Taylor 428 FlavorBurst™

“Having previously used another make of machine, we were well aware of the significant sales opportunities, therefore it was essential that we chose the very best machine available and as a result, after considerable investigation, we chose Taylor and what a great choice – we have been delighted with every aspect of their support.”

“Selling thick shakes created other sales opportunities as well as being an attraction of its own. By adding the FlavorBurst system, it gives our customers a great choice of flavours – something the big chains cannot offer.”

Mark Petrou – Owner

Thick Shake – Profit Projection

Selling Price £1.60
Less VAT* £0.00*
Sub Total £1.60
Less Product Cost £0.35**
Profit per Portion £1.25
Average Daily Servings 95
Nett Daily Profit £118.75
Selling Days 210
Nett Annual Profit £24,935.00


*VAT not charged on takeaway **Product cost allows for 10oz shake.

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