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Testimonial – ISA UK, Pomfret’s Butchers

‘ISA Dream’ for a Successful Butcher…

A major shop refit has shown massive and immediate returns for East Sussex-based butcher Robert Pomfret. Sales have reached record levels following the installation of a stunning new Tasselli Dream serve-over counter supplied by ISA (UK) Ltd. Additional sales have resulted not only from greater activity and interest shown by existing customers, who have overwhelmingly given the thumbs-up to the new design, but also from new customers attracted by the refurbishment. The double curved display case run maximises the use of space within the shop to the benefit of customers and staff.

Pomfret Butchers 2Robert Pomfret, whose business has been established in the same Heathfield shop for the last 21 years, is absolutely delighted with his choice of display counter and the reaction of his customers. “We have seen an immediate uplift in sales since the cases were installed”, said Mr Pomfret. “We have had so many unsolicited comments from customers praising the new store layout and the brighter, cleaner display of fresh meat” he added.

The Tasselli Dream serve-over cases feature natural high humidity operation which ensures that meat is kept in tip-top condition for longer. “The meat keeps really well throughout the day”, said Mr Pomfret.  “There is no deterioration in visual quality, a fact which customers really appreciate and which clearly converts into sales.  Also the moisture loss is very low, which benefits us in keeping weight loss to a minimum” he added.

The double-curved, S-shaped serve-over cases specified by Mr Pomfret comprise 4.25 metres of fresh meat which are seamlessly joined with an additional 3.00 meters of delicatessen.  The use of radiused sections has made the best use of limited area within the store, creating a more spacious feel for both customers and staff. Despite the additionalPomfret Butchers 3 space for customers within the store, the popularity of Mr Pomfret’s products means that on most days there are queues outside his shop – in fact, currently, there are queues throughout the day on Saturdays.

Robert Pomfret, with help from his eight members of staff, works hard to keep his customers supplied with the highest quality meat and delicatessen products.  Over 90% of the meat sold in his shop is supplied by a small number of local farmers, all known personally to Mr Pomfret. The provenance and local-sourcing of products is an ever-increasing issue for his customers and Mr Pomfret meets these demands – even to the extent of occasionally selling meat from his own farm through his shop.

Pomfret Butchers 4ISA (UK) Ltd, exclusive supplier of Tasselli in the UK, was delighted to be selected to meet Mr Pomfret’s serve-over counter requirements from among a number of companies who tendered for the contract. A personal connection helped ISA win the contract because their Sales Director, Stephen Baldock, had also supplied Mr Pomfret’s original counters when the shop was first purchased some 21 years ago.

ISA (UK) is dedicated to supporting its customers and end-users in the UK, whether for single items or for complete turnkey projects.  The company offers not only comprehensive sales and technical support but also customises, delivers, installs and commissions equipment.  These services, together with maintenance programmes, are also available through an extensive dealer network. The full range of Tasselli and ISA products are supplied exclusively in the UK through ISA (UK).

Installation date: April 2008

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