Make Delicious Authentic Italian Gelato in your Restaurant

Do you want to make your dessert choices stand out? Go beyond boring scoops of pre-made vanilla, chocolate & strawberry with some delicious, authentic, artisan gelato made in an Italian designed machine. Gelato Vs Ice Cream Gelato is more than just the Italian word for ice cream. In fact real gelato is quite different. Gelato recipes tend to use more milk than cream and very few (if any) egg yolks in making the base mix. It will also tend to be held at ... Read more

Gelato the Speedy way…

Have you been toying with the idea of making your own ice cream? Does the idea of spending a large sum of money on a thought or dream scare you? Fear not! There’s many different ways of making ice cream and it doesn't have to cost the earth! The dream of opening your own ice cream parlour is one shared by many but the unfortunate reality is life doesn't always make it feasible. The cost of rent, equipment costs, staff, power etc etc. the list is ... Read more

Ice Cream or Gelato…? You choose….

Gelato – the posh way to say ice cream, right? Wrong! Ice cream isn't JUST ice cream! Everywhere we go these days, there seems to be a new café or coffee shop opening and ice cream parlours & Gelateria’s are capitalising on the new casual dining trend which is becoming an ever increasing presence on the high street. Whether it’s Ben & Jerry’s at the local cinema or the family owned ice cream parlour which has been around longer that you have; there’s never been more ... Read more

Gelato Professional School (GPS) Review

Want to learn how to make Gelato? Taylor has an introduction day for you… September saw the first of many new GPS (Gelato Professional School) open days to be held by Taylor UK at our demonstration days in Slough. Aimed at beginners, these days are designed to be an introduction to the world of gelato and ice cream making, showing just how easy it can be… (more…) Read more