Customer Story - Puddings Coffee Shop

Marta’s Challenge – from mobile phone store to Puddings Coffee Shop…

Having become a celebrated artist, Marta Rice wanted a career change to follow her Family’s business roots in Poland… She wanted to open a wonderful coffee and dessert shop in her UK home town of Maidstone which would sell excellent coffee, deserts and puddings. Could the dream come true?

Over 2 years ago, back in 2015, Marta contacted Taylor UK to find out about soft serve machines and to discuss her dream to open up a new business. Following several meetings, with her local area manager Dave Bradford, where they discussed ideas and Dave provided lots of advice on all aspects including the potential profit which can be made by serving soft ice cream and the products which can be produced from it. Marta made the decision to go ahead with her dream.

Customer Story – Puddings Coffee ShopThe starting point was looking for the ideal location to open the shop. As you know, its location, location, location, as is normally the case in this situation, various premises came and went as Marta searched the Maidstone area to find the perfect location. Eventually the ideal opportunity came along in Weak Street, right in the centre of Maidstone. The local Three mobile phone shop had closed down, it was perfect! 

With all the standard legal hoops to jump through associated with landlords and new premises procurement and solicitors earning their money to and fro, Customer Story – Puddings Coffee ShopMarta finally took position of the shop and the transformation could begin! A lot of work was required to get it to where Marta wanted it to be, but the dream would soon become a reality!

Working tirelessly 7 days a week up to 18 hours a day for well over a month, Marta with help from her husband Paul, family members and friends, they all got stuck in ripping down walls, floors, electrics, and even arranging for a 5 ton safe to be removed from the shop!  The transformation began with a ‘can do and will do’ attitude. Marta was involved in it all, certainly not afraid of getting her hands dirty and by doing the majority of the work herself not only did she save a lot of money and unnecessary expense, she can honestly say ‘I did that’ demonstrating if you have the will, passion and desire there really is no obstacle in transforming anything into a thriving business and realising your dreams.

Customer Story – Puddings Coffee Shop

Customer Story – Puddings Coffee ShopNaturally, when Marta was in a position to buy their soft ice cream machine, the only person to call was Dave at Taylor UK. Marta chose a Taylor C707 counter top machine to make heavenly deserts and hand blended milkshakes, if your ever in Maidstone go and see this wonderful example of how to do it! You’ll be delighted with all of the great products which they sell in this fabulous place from cakes to coffee, smoothies to shakes, oh and not forgetting wonderful soft ice cream!

The Taylor C707 is the perfect machine for operators like Marta. The machine produces medium to high volumes of product continually all day every day, the gravity fed system and three day cleaning cycle is simple to use and clean keeping it operationally easy without compromising the quality of the product. All Taylor soft serve machines can be calibrated to serve different types and styles of soft serve product whether it’s; UHT ice cream, frozen yogurt, ‘lemon top’ sorbet, vegan dessert or premium homemade soft gelato.

Taylor UK have a soft serve machine ideal for any business big or small, contact us today to arrange a visit from your local area manager to find out just how profitable adding soft serve to your business could be..

Why don’t you visit Marta and her team at Puddings Coffee Shop and try one of their amazing desserts and shakes, they can be found at:

Puddings Coffee Shop, 7 Weak Street, Maidstone, Kent, ME14 1QW

Facebook: Puddings-Coffee-Shop-Maidstone

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