Equipment Review – ‘Introducing the SB2150 Shaved Ice Blending Station’

Equipment Review – ‘Introducing the SB2150 Shaved Ice Blending Station’Plenty of rain but no ice… Yet! Brand NEW for 2014, Taylor UK introduces the SB2150 Shaved Ice Blending Station beverage machine to the UK market. This unique frozen beverage system is a revolution to quick service operations…

Brand new for the 2014 summer season; Taylor has launched the SB2150 shaved ice blending station. A revolution in the blended beverage market!

Equipment Review – ‘Introducing the SB2150 Shaved Ice Blending Station’Do you have limited space? Would you like to be able to produce a wide range of different frozen beverages without the need to have multiple pieces of equipment? Would you like a self contained, self rinsing, easy to use programmable blender to add value to your already successful operation? The Taylor SB2150 Shaved Ice Blender could be the answer for you…

The dual ice shaving and blending action of the SB2150 creates smooth, consistent frozen beverages at the push of a button and in ONLY 9 seconds per drink! The system can be programmed for different styles and sizes of drink giving the operator the ability to produce drinks ranging from fruit smoothies, thick shakes and frappichinos to frozen cocktails and ‘mocktails’.

The built in rinse station maximises efficiency; reducing the time it takes to change between flavours and drink styles. Increasing throughput and ultimately profits!

Some of the features of the Taylor SB2150 Shaved Ice Blender include:

Small footprint – The counter top design allows the blender to be located in most operations.

Self contained – The built in rinse station reduces the need for additional washing up sinks to be located nearby. (Water and waste connections required).

Flexibility – The SB2150 can be used to produce a vast array of iced beverages; Fruit Smoothies, ‘American Style’ thick shakes, frozen coffees, teas & Frappachinos, frozen Margaritas, cocktails, fruit slushes and granitas. The options are endless….

Consistency – By programming the machine, the operator can precisely control how much ice, water and flavour is added and how long the drink is blended to get the perfect results each and every time.

For more information on the Taylor SB2150 or any of our other shaved ice machines supplied by Taylor UK, call the Taylor UK Sales Hotline FREE on 0800 838896, e-mail us at  or visit our website


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