Frozen Drinks Machines

Frozen Drinks

Frozen Drinks Machines

Taylor Milkshake Freezers

Built to move and shake… When there’s no time to mess around with hand-dipped milkshakes, a Taylor shake freezer is always ready to go.

Smarter than hand dipping

Once you’ve tried our freezers, you’ll never go back to the old way. Here’s what makes them so much better…

  • Frozen Drinks MachinesThey’re much, much faster so customers don’t have to wait
  • They help you serve a more consistent product
  • There’s less mess so it’s more hygienic
  • There’s less labour required and less product waste


Are you thinking of selling milkshakes?

Read our Milkshake Machine Buying Guide to learn about all of the possible variables available to your business.

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Taylor Milkshake Freezers Keep You Moving

From old-fashioned diners to fast-paced drive-thrus, our freezers are engineered to serve up spectacular shakes on the double.

  • Unbeatable recovery speed for high-volume throughput
  • Customisable viscosity for the perfect shake!
  • Easy to mix-in fresh fruit, candies and syrups for traffic-driving Limited Time Offers
  • Space-saving designs and reduced footprints

Taylor Frozen Cocktail Equipment

Built to create a buzz… Let us shake up your cocktail menu and help make your bar, restaurant or entertainment venue the talk of the town.

Cocktails with a Twist!

From margaritas and daiquiris to signature craft cocktails – great frozen drinks always turn heads. Our freezers transform ordinary libations into bona fide attention getters!

  • Frozen Drinks MachinesPut a memorable spin on classic cocktails, shots and craft beverages
  • Become a destination for one-of-a-kind limited time offers
  • Make drinks that are fun, eye-catching and ready for a starring role on Instagram

Sensational in Every Way!

Our frozen cocktail equipment might be all about the party in the front, but these freezers are all business behind the bar.

  • Some of the industry’s best recovery times and high-volume throughput capabilities
  • Superb repeatability for outstanding drinks every draw
  • Easy to switch between recipes to keep your menu on-trend and up to date
  • Instant labour savings and controlled liquor costs
  • Various footprints, capacities and builds to suit your specific needs
  • Merchandising possibilities abound

Taylor Smoothie Freezers

Built to blend in a blur… Our smoothie equipment is all about efficiency so you can serve your on-the-go customers with lightning speed.

Beverages in the Blink of An Eye!

Your customers want super smoothies and they want them now! A Taylor freezer is all you need…

  • Frozen Drinks MachinesInstantly blend and serve an endless variety of drinks
  • High-volume throughput for your busiest dayparts
  • Perfect for drive-thrus and anywhere speed of service is king

Smooth Operators…

They’re more than just fast. Each Taylor Frozen Drinks machine has been thoughtfully designed for the modern foodservice operation.

  • Enjoy the versatility to craft smoothies, shakes, iced coffees and more…
  • Exceptional repeatability
  • Powerful, reliable blending
  • Space-saving designs and reduced footprints
  • Simple operation with minimal training required

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Frozen Drinks Machines

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Frozen Drinks Machines

Frozen Drinks Machines