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Frozen Drinks

You should start serving Frozen Drinks…

  • Taylor 430 with optional decals

    Taylor 430

    Highly profitable – Frozen drinks can be low cost products with a high perceived value and margins in excess of 75% and take away milkshake products are exempt from VAT!
  • Speed of service – Taylor frozen beverage machines provide drinks ready to go ‘on tap’ avoiding bottle necks during service and their operation is so simple anyone can serve perfect drinks.
  • Stay ahead of the competition‘American style’ thick shakes, milkshakes and many other frozen drink options allow you to offer your customers a great product they can only get when they visit your business and cannot easily recreate at home.
  • Choice of flavours – whether blending or using a Flavor Burst system you can offer a wide range of flavours, even changing them with the seasons.


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Additional benefits of serving frozen drinks include:

  • Taylor PH61 Thick Shake Machine

    Taylor PH61

    On demand – have your product available on tap during busy service periods… no more labour intensive preparation!
  • Consistent – uphold your brand standards regardless of which operator serves the drink. No blending, no measuring, no mistakes!
  • Unique selling point – create eye catching, visually impressive drinks to tempt your customers, serve amazing drinks which they cannot recreate at home!
  • Increased spend – serve low cost, high perceived value drinks to your customers and attract those high spenders!

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