Frozen Yogurt Equipment Review

‘Fro-Yo Freedom’

Two really great machines to consider for the growing demand of soft serve ‘tart’ frozen yogurt are:-

the high capacity floor standing pump fed Taylor C712 and the increasingly popular Taylor models 161-161/C204 which can be either counter mounted or floor standing.

Frozen Yogurt Equipment ReviewThe Taylor C712 is a high capacity floor standing, pump fed machine which is easy to operate, thanks to the digital readout display and touch-screen controls. This machine’s viscosity control ensures a top quality frozen yogurt every time, and with three dispensing heads operators can offer customers two separate flavours or a combination of both with a twist. The C712 has two large 3.2 litre freezing cylinders and two 18.9 litre refrigerated storage hoppers and a standby system to maintain safe product temperatures and is capable to producing 100 litres of yogurt per hour (2 x 50 litres per side).

Frozen Yogurt Equipment ReviewThe increasingly popular Taylor models 161-161/C204 which can be either counter mounted or floor standing. They are gravity fed and will operate from two dedicated 13 amp sockets and, as with the C712 it has three dispensing heads allowing operators to offer customers two separate flavours and a combination of both with a twist. The Taylor 161 has two 1.4 litre freezing cylinders and two 7.6 litre refrigerated storage hoppers in addition to a standby system as previously described, and electronic controls ensures a top quality product is dispensed every time, and it is capable of producing 24 litres of finished yogurt per hour (2 x 12 litres per side).

Tart’ frozen yogurt is one of the latest developments in the frozen treat industry. Unlike the sweet frozen yogurt adopted by consumers in the 1980’s this really does taste like ‘lemon zest yogurt’. National chains are beginning franchising their concepts to serve this healthy delicious treat to satisfy customer demands throughout the whole of the UK, notwithstanding the success of many independent operators who are experiencing increased turnover and really great profits.

Frozen Yogurt Equipment ReviewExtreme profits can be made by adding soft serve frozen yogurt to your menu, and with ‘add ins’ such as fresh fruit, cereals, confectionery and sauces. Using unsweetened fruits enhances the nutritional value and compliments the tart yogurt flavour.

Typically a 5 oz portion of plain yogurt will retail for at least £2.95, less VAT at 59p and product/disposable costs at 30p leaving £2.06 profit per portion or 70% margin. Sell just 20 portions a day over 360 days a year and your profit will be an amazing £14,800.

If you were to purchase a Taylor model 161 it would be equivalent to a return on your investment in just 7 months.

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