New Mobile Ice Cream Batch Freezer & Display Cart

New Mobile Ice Cream Batch Freezer & Display CartFollowing its success in Italy, Frigomat have now introduced a revolutionary artisan ice cream system in to the UK that will actually produce, hold and display freshly made artisan ice cream all from a mobile ice cream cart.

How do the Mobile Ice Cream Display Carts Work?

Using Frigomat’s existing and proven technology Taylor UK are offering retailers an opportunity to unleash amazing profits by way adding artisan ice cream to an existing business. Serve the freshest gelato possible, directly from the freezer with this unique standalone unit. Available in either two or four flavour configurations, the Frigomat GX system allows you to produce frozen desserts or cones to order without the need for a display cabinet or storage freezer, maximising profits whilst limiting wastage.

What Ice Cream Flavours are Available?

Whilst vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice creams remain firm favourites, you could utilise the mobile ice cream freezer cart to go to the next level by offering delicious exotic flavours or citrus based sorbets, all of which will command a premium price and provide premium profits.

“A recent Mintel report said that sales of ice cream had not really declined despite the poor weather and recession predicting that the ice cream market will grow by 11% over the next few years, to a total of £1.1bn by 2016”

New Mobile Ice Cream Batch Freezer & Display CartThe features and benefits of the GX2/4 mobile ice cream display cart include:

Quick freezing time; each freezing cylinder will freeze 2.2 litres of ice cream mix in approximately 8 minutes with the ability to add fresh fruit, nuts, flavours and confectionery to the ice cream as part of the manufacturing process.

Conservation mode; once the gelato is frozen, the GX system will hold the product at the perfect consistency until it is served. Alternatively, the frozen gelato can be transferred to a display cabinet.

 Transparent lids; to allow customers to view and follow the freezing process.

 On board rinse system; the unit contains an internal wash hose for easy rinsing between flavours and the scoop wash has its own rinse facility ensuring the highest levels of hygiene.

  Air or water cooled; the unit can be configured to suit most applications. The castors make the unit ideal for applications where it can be wheeled out on show to maximise its impact.

  Optional extras include; customised graphics, canopy, side shelves, safety ‘sneeze guard’ front glass and cone holder.

How to Buy Our Mobile Ice Cream Display Carts?

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