Pizza Perfection - Tired of barely-edible, cheap pizza? You’re not alone...

As one of the nation’s favourite foods; Pizza is a major part of British dinning culture which is here to stay.Pizza Perfection – Tired of barely-edible, cheap pizza? You’re not alone…
For decades, fast-food pizza has been all about price. The big chains knocked themselves out to offer coupons and deals pushing the price of a large pizza to the £7-£9 range. Whilst value is a key consideration for many, quality is also important when it comes to getting people to spend money on food.
Many of the big contenders stick to using canned veggies, generic dough, and the lowest-priced bulk cheese they could find. More contentious diners have begun to look elsewhere for a pizza they’d actually enjoy eating.
Pizza Perfection – Tired of barely-edible, cheap pizza? You’re not alone…Using any of the TurboChef range of ovens, adding pizza to your food offer is a simple addition giving your customers a great quality pizza in around two minutes. A good base with organic, local, healthy ingredients are key but giving your customers the freedom to customise their pizza will keep them coming back for more…
The industry is calling this new wave as “fast casual” pizza restaurants.
Here are a couple of reasons why the dominance of cheap, fast-food pizza may be ending and why you should grab a piece of the action:
  • Ageing diners have more money – and more refined tastes. As adult’s age and the kids leave the nest, we tend to have more disposable cash. Our tastes get more sophisticated, too. When you don’t have to buy pizza for the whole family, paying a little more for a large pizza which you’re going to enjoy becomes less of an issue.
  • Consumers want to know what they’re eating. Consumers’ tastes have gone full circle, before everything was in the name of convenience. These day’s customers are taking the time to stop and take notice of the food they buy and the province it has. Offering a pizza which has full traceability using local ingredients can only be a good thing!Pizza Perfection – Tired of barely-edible, cheap pizza? You’re not alone…
With a cook time of 2 minutes, a TurboChef oven is the perfect addition to your business, if you want quickly capitalise on this growing trend in ‘artisan’ pizza and offer your customer something which they can’t get elsewhere.
The revolutionary ventless, countertop design of the TurboChef ovens make them the perfect add-on to most businesses. Not needing expensive extraction, they can be located almost anywhere both front or back of house.
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