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CNH18 Crisp ‘N Hold

The Carter Hoffmann CNH18 Crisp ‘N Hold is designed to keep fried foods crisper and hotter for longer. As a result, customers are served a superior product without adding complication to the kitchen.

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Features of the CNH18 hot holder include:

Large Food Bay – Precision engineered food holes and textured pattern to minimize hot metal contact with food and optimize air circulation. Product tray and dividers are removable for easy

Counter Top Design – Unit can be placed on any counter top, eliminating the need for heat lamps.

Stainless Steel Construction – All stainless steel for durable wear and easy cleaning. Rear-mounted cord wrap to stow excess cord when not needed.

Cool Rim – Polycarbonate bar mounted to front of cabinet stays cool to touch and protects users from burns.

Exclusive Heater Design – Heater components isolated in rear of cabinet, protected from oil migration. Provides a stream of warm air to maintain crispy food serving temperatures and extend holding time. Warm air is forced through bottom food grate and drawn through filter to maintain constant circulation and warm blanket over and through the food. Controls moisture accumulation and maintains food crispness. Extends the life of fried food by as much as 4 times over heat lamps. Factory pre-set temperature of 88ºC. Internal thermostat accessible with tools for adjustment.

Expanded Holding – Product dividers expand holding capability by dividing food bay into separate compartments for multiple products. Or take them all out to create one large bay to hold more of a single product.

Collection Tray – Fully integrated, bottom mounted pan collects excess oil drawn away from the food to keep food crisp. Removable for easy cleaning.

Removable Grease Filter – Exclusive design collects oil and vapours and protects heater components from oil accumulation. Easily removed for cleaning. Dishwasher safe.

Technical Specifications:

Machine type:  Hot Holding Station

Power requirements: 1x 13amp Plug Socket

Dimensions: 451mm (h) x 446mm (w) x 737mm (d)

Counter Top

Operating Temperature: 88ºC

Ideal for all applications including; Theme Parks, Restaurants, QSR’s, Burger Restaurants, Takeaways, Buffet Restaurants

Chips & Fries

Crispy Appetisers

Side Orders

Fried Chicken


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Carter Hoffmann CNH18 Crisp 'N Hold
Carter Hoffmann CNH18 Crisp 'N Hold
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