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FriFri Touch Triple Tank Fryer, 3 Baskets

Commercial Triple Tank Fryer with programable touch screen controls

For those who run the busiest professional kitchens and refuse to compromise on quality. The FriFri Touch triple tank fryer is your newest kitchen assistant, helping you to deliver quality results every time.

Available in different power options. 3x 7.5kW or 3x 9.0kW per tank for flexible installation.

Features include:

• 24 one touch icon driven menu items, meaning you can deliver precise results every time regardless of the operator.

• Adaptive cooking automatically adjusts the cooking times to suit your batch size ensuring you never serve undercooked food. So whether you’re cooking one portion or a full basket the same setting works every time!

• Easy-View Traffic Light Status — ColourCue. Great for busy and noisy kitchens, ColourCue shows you the status of your fryer at a glance: red – attention required such as unload; amber – pre-heating; green – ready to fry.

• Understand your energy usage. Customise the eco settings by temperature to suit your operation. View where you can make savings with detailed analysis of the fryer’s energy usage over the last 8 hours, 24 hours, 7 days and 28 days.

• Keep your oil in peak condition! FriFri Oil Assistant and optional xFri© to easily monitor the condition of oil with the onscreen oil status. When prompted filter the oil even while its still hot, mid
service if necessary, and resume frying in under five minutes. It is so quick and easy there is no excuse not to!

• Raising food to the next level. Perfect for kitchens where you don’t have time for constant supervision. The optional LiftFri© automatic basket lifting system lifts food at the end of the cycle to
prevent overcooking.

• Optimum Allergy Control. Supplied with separate oil buckets, and can be supplied with separate pumped filtration systems, providing completely segregated gravity filtration for optimum
allergen control or to cater for dietary preferences.

• Pressed tank for strength and durability. Radiused corners for easy cleaning. Hinged elements with two tilt positions for draining and cleaning.

• Consistency across sites. Ensure consistent, great quality results across multiple sites, easily via USB.

Technical specifications

Tanks/Baskets – 3/3

Tank capacity – 7.5 to 9.0 litre (x3)

Controls – Programable Touch Screen

Oil filtration – Gravity filtration as standard. Options include pump filtration or no filtration.

Product output per hour – 3x 18Kg (7.5kW) or 3x 20Kg (9.0kW) fries – 7mm [frozen]

Dimensions – 592 (w) x 650 (d) x 994 (h) mm fitted with legs (other options available)

Weight – 98.5Kg

Power – 3x 7.5kW (TL633L33G0 – low power) or 3x 9.0kW (TL633M33G0 – medium power) 16 amp three phase (3 cables)


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Fri Fri Touch Triple Tank Fryer
Fri Fri Touch Triple Tank FryerFri Fri Touch Triple Tank FryerFri Fri Touch Triple Tank FryerFri Fri Touch Triple Tank Fryer
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7.5kW Specification Sheet
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9.0kW Specification Sheet
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