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ISA – Gelato Show II Professional Ice Cream Display

This is the first cabinet with a fully transparent structure – allowing you to really show off your gelato & ice cream. So you not only get the decorative top of the rippled ice cream & fruits tempting customers in with your wonderful fresh cold treats, but you can also show off the layers too.

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  • Completely transparent structure and containers that revolutionises the display of ice cream.
  • 3D all round visibility.
  • Ventilated refrigeration.
  • Double airflow for a perfect uniformity of temperature.
  • Automatic reverse defrosting cycle.
  • One piece body with ecological polyurethane insulation foamed with CO2 60mm thick.
  • Tempered front glass with tilt-down opening.
  • Methacrylate pull-out side glasses for an easier cleaning.
  • Anti-fog ventilation system.
  • Anti-scratch treatment.
Standard equipment:
Grey side panels
Ice Cream & Gelato

Ice Cream & Gelato


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