Redefining school dinner dining...

Stanwell School introduces a new approach to healthy desserts by offering frozen yogurt as a great, healthy alternative to ice cream.Redefining school dinner dining…

In the dawn of a new term and the beginning of the governments new ‘healthy school dinners’ policies. Stanwell School, Penarth, South Wales has taken a radical new approach to their school dinner dessert offering…

With crisps, chocolates and other high calorie, sugary treats firmly off the new school menu, the catering team at Stanwell School needed to look elsewhere for a sweet treat suitable for the school environment.

Catering Manager; Mark Robinson stated “One of the biggest challenges is coming up with ideas which keep the students in our café and not disappearing down to the local convenience store in their breaks”.

After extensive research, Mark contacted the sales team at Taylor UK to find out more about the new trend in Frozen Yogurt Redefining school dinner dining…and to seek advice on what equipment they would need to introduce it to their offer. With over two thousand students and staff to feed on a daily basis, the correct choice of machine was crucial; too small and it would never keep up, too large and it’s a waste of the schools valuable resources. The Taylor C706 pump fed soft serve machine was the perfect fit.

Mark added, “Frozen yogurt is a healthy treat with the appeal of ice cream whilst maintaining the food and health guidelines set out by the National Welsh Assembly”.

The introduction of frozen yogurt to their menu has given the students a reason to stay on site. Nowhere else in the area sells ‘FroYo’ so we are truly unique! The frozen yogurt is served in the same manner whichRedefining school dinner dining… you see in dedicated frozen yogurt shops; plain, with fresh fruits and granola. The flexibility is the best part, the students can make it to fit their tastes creating a food offer which is appealing to all.

An added benefit of frozen yogurt is its profitability. Mark mentioned “Adding frozen yogurt to the food offer has increased turn over by £38,000”.

Frozen Yogurt tubs – Profit Projection

Selling Price 80p
Less VAT* 13p*
Sub Total 67p
Less Product Cost 28p**
Nett Profit per 2.5oz Tub 39p
Average Daily Servings 250
Average Daily Profit £97.50
Selling Days 190
Nett Annual Profit £18,525


*VAT at 20% **Average cost of Frozen Yogurt product only.

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