Taylor UK introduces the FB80/FB80s FlavorBurst™ system

Taylor UK introduces the FB80/FB80s FlavorBurst™ systemThe FlavorBurst FB80 syrup injection system is a revolutionary add-on that allows you to serve up to eight different flavours from a single soft ice cream or thick shake machine. Do you have a soft serve ice cream machine? Is selling one single flavour all the time getting a little repetitive? Are you looking for a unique product which separates you from all the other ice cream vendors? Then the FlavorBurst system could be the solution for you… By purchasing a FlavorBurst system to add to your existing soft serve machine (or by buying a complete soft serve/FlavorBurst system) you can instantly increase your ice cream sales by having a unique product which will make your business stand out from the rest. Taylor UK introduces the FB80/FB80s FlavorBurst™ system

The features and benefits of the FB80/FB80s FlavorBurst™ system include:

Compact; the slim-line unit can be located anywhere within a few metres of your soft serve machine. The optional cart provides a tidy solution if necessary.

Simple operation; the push button control panel is easy to operate, requiring no special skills. Anyone can select a flavour and dispense the product. The microprocessor controls the portion size and warns when syrup bags are empty.

Easy to clean; the built in sanitising system allows both the dispensing rotor and syrup lines to be flushed out both quickly and easily.

Long shelf life; each syrup had its own independent syrup line separating it from any external contamination. The flavours themselves have 18 months ambient shelf life limiting wastage.

Unique selling point; with a wide range of different flavour options, the FlavorBurst system gives you limitless flexibility to offer eight different flavours at any one time, with the ability to change flavours quickly and easily with minimal fuss.

Low power requirement; the unit is powered by a standard 13amp power supply which requires no special installation.  

Flexible installation options; the FlavorBurst system is the ideal addition to any Taylor Crown series soft serve or thick shake machine. But fitting kits are available to allow the unit to be retro-fitted to most major brands of soft serve ice cream equipment.

 *FlavorBurst is a registered trademark of Flavor Burst Company, LLP

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