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Case Study – Kings Castle

Taylor L810 – Grilled Burger Patties

Why did you choose Taylor UK?

“After conducting some research, I discovered that the Taylor equipment was market leading. Simon, our local ASM, explained everything and gave us a great deal   The grill… I had never seen a piece of kit like it!”

Why did you choose a Taylor Grill?

“We were always doing burgers, but the Taylor grill gave us speed and consistency which we needed to fulfil all of the orders.”

Has the grill benefitted your business?

“We would not be able to cope with demand if we didn’t have the grill. It’s enabled us to keep customers happy and serve our delicious burgers without any compromise.

It has made our customers feel like they’re getting a fresh, consistent product every time. Which has definitely enhanced our reputation in the local community.”


Arif Patel – Owner, Kings Castle 

Basic Bob Burger Meal – Profit Example

Selling Price £3.99
Less VAT* £0.67*
Sub Total £3.32
Less Product Cost £1.20**
Profit per Portion £2.12
Average Daily Servings 150
Nett Daily Profit £318.00
Selling Days 360
Nett Annual Profit £114,480.00


*VAT at 20% **Product cost example provided by Kings Castle.


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