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Case Study – Yogibare

Taylor C706 – ‘Yogi-Shakes’

“We conducted research into different equipment manufacturers and felt that the product produced by a Taylor Machine was superior to the others.”

“Our Taylor UK sales manager provided a helpful and consultative approach which helped us choose a Taylor C706 and C723 for our business. We serve frozen yogurt desserts and blended shakes”.

“Customers say the love our Yogi-Shakes and always come back for more!”

Katie Aspinall – Joint Owner

16oz ‘Yogi-Shakes’ – Profit Example

Selling Price £6.00
Less VAT* £1.00*
Sub Total £5.00
Less Product Cost £2.00**
Profit per Portion £3.00
Average Daily Servings 15
Nett Daily Profit £45.00
Selling Days 350
Nett Annual Profit £15,750.00


*VAT at 20% **Product cost example provided by Yogibare Ltd.


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