Coffee... Is anything more profitable?

A fresh cup of black gold…

Have you ever wondered why everyone sells coffee these days? It’s HUGELY PROFITABLE, that’s why!

Coffee… Is anything more profitable?

La Cimbali S20 Bean-to-Cup Coffee Machine

Install a La Cimbali S20 fully automatic bean to cup coffee machine into you cafe, refectory, restaurant, bar, kiosk or any other food service environment and it could pay for itself in a matter of months…

How much did you pay for your morning coffee?

Coffee… Is anything more profitable?

Or maybe a simple black coffee…

Coffee… Is anything more profitable?

Simply sell 150 coffees a day and your business you could generate over £98K in additional profit each year!

With potential profit returns like this, you could get a return on your equipment investment in as little as six months!

La Cimbali and Taylor UK can offer your business a range of different coffee machine options from simple Casadia traditional espresso machines through to ‘all singing and dancing‘ fully automatic bean to cup coffee stations in the form of the La Cimbali S30.

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Coffee is still one of the fastest growing food service sectors in the UK, why wouldn’t you want to take your piece of that business?

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