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FlavorBurst™ Syrups for Soft Serve & Thick Shakes

The FlavorBurst Company is a leading manufacturer of flavour delivery equipment for frozen confections. With FlavorBurst equipment, your existing soft-serve, frozen yogurt or thick shake machine can serve 8 flavours. Furthermore, you can combine flavours within one serving for seemingly limitless offerings!

FlavorBurst™ Syrup Flavours

Each flavour syrup is carefully formulated to provide a clean, premium quality taste with maximum impact and performance. They are free of major allergens, including nut derivatives and gluten. Most flavours are certified Halal and Kosher, please contact us for full details.

Our current available flavour lines are listed below…

Flavours available for both Soft Serve & Thick Shake machines:

FlavorBurst Strawberry


FlavorBurst Chocolate Swirl

Chocolate Swirl

FlavorBurst Banana Ripple

Banana Ripple

FlavorBurst Black Cherry

Black Cherry

FlavorBurst Bubble Gum

Bubble Gum

FlavorBurst ButterScotch

Butter Scotch

FlavorBurst Butter Pecan

Butter Pecan

FlavorBurst Cool Mint

Cool Mint

FlavorBurst Blue Goo

Blue Goo

FlavorBurst Blue Berry


FlavorBurst Caramel


Flavours available for Soft Serve Machines ONLY:

FlavorBurst Raspberry


FlavorBurst Peanut Butter

Peanut Butter

FlavorBurst Blue Hawaii Coconut

Blue Coconut

FlavorBurst Blue Raspberry

Blue Raspberry

Flavours available for Thick Shake Machines ONLY:

FlavorBurst Tropical Orange

Tropical Orange

FlavourBurst Mocha Cappuccino

Mocha Cappuccino

FlavorBurst Hazelnut


Contact Taylor UK to order your Flavour Burst Syrups: 01473 350047

Frozen Yogurt Powders

Frozen Yogurt Powders for Soft Serve Machines

For many years, Taylor UK and Comprital SPA have worked closely to provide a high quality tart frozen yogurt powder for the UK Frozen Yogurt market. The powdered frozen yogurt products, manufactured in Milan, Italy by Comprital are sold in the UK under the Taylor UK label. We currently offer two variations; Frozen Yopiu ‘Classic’ and Frozen Yopiu Natural.

The frozen yogurt soft serve ingredients are supplied in 15Kg cases, 10 x 1.5Kg bags per case.

Dosage of the product is as follows:

1 Bag Frozen Yopiu Powder to 6 litres* of Skimmed Milk

*Some of the milk can be substituted for liquid natural yogurt or a combination of natural yogurt and water to give different tastes and textures. Please note: the total overall liquid content must be 6 litres.

This gives 7.5 KG of liquid mix which in turn will produce 75, 100g portions per bag (volume of finished product will depend on your soft serve machine)

Frozen Yopiu ‘Classic’

Our original tart frozen yogurt powder; it has the sharp, tart flavour of natural yogurt whilst maintaining good stability and overrun retention. The Frozen Yopiu powder lends itself well to being flavoured with fruit compound flavours. When mixed with skimmed milk or fat free yogurt, Frozen Yopiu is fat free.

Frozen Yopiu-N ‘Natural’

Is formulated without the use of additional emulsifiers and stabilisers providing a very ‘clean labelled’ frozen yogurt in comparison to competing products. Manufactured using Fructose (natural fruit sugar) and Dextrose (natural maize sugar) to obtain a lower glycaemic index frozen yogurt mix when compared to a standard one sweetened with regular sugars. When mixed with skimmed milk or fat free yogurt, Frozen Yopu-N is fat free.

Please note: ALL frozen yogurt liquid products are prone to separation whilst in the machine hopper, regular agitation if the liquid mix is required to ensure that a perfect product is maintained.

Contact Taylor UK to order your Frozen Yopiu Powder: 01473 350047

FlavorBurst Cone
Offer Eight Different Flavours – make your business stand out from the crowd!
Bag-In-Box – the sealed syrup system ensures good hygiene and minimal wastage.
Long Shelf Life – up to eighteen months.
Combine Flavours Together – serve multiple flavours in the same serving, offering something truly different.
Simple Push Button Operation – press one button and you’re done.
Quick Push Connections – self sealing connectors mean syrup bags can be changed quickly and cleanly.
FlavorBurst Thick Shake

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Frozen Yogurt with Raspberries

Yopiu Frozen Yogurt Powder
Frozen Yopiu ‘Classic’– perfect as a natural tart yogurt or flavoured to suit.
Frozen Yopiu-N ‘Natural’ – made with natural fruit sugars for a lower glycaemic index.
Long Shelf Life – up to twenty four months.
Ambient Storage – no need for additional refrigeration prior to mixing.
Simple to Use – mix one bag of Yopiu with 6 litres of milk in a bucket until dissolved and pour into your machine.
Easily Flavoured – simply mix some concentrated flavour compound in to the liquid mix to create almost any flavour.
Flexible – Yopiu can be mixed with any type or style of milk to give the perfect product for your operation.
Minimal Wastage – only ever mix up as much you need, making it easier to control stock at quieter times.
Great for Smoothies – blend your freshly made frozen yogurt with fresh fruit for perfect smoothies.

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