ISA Restart - Bar Shield

Restart project from ISA

The NEW normal, same habits

The world may have changed but good habits, such as enjoying a good coffee, a refreshing beer or cocktail, or a light snack will remain the same.

ISA’s Restart Concept has been designed to offer specific solutions to help keep the customer experience in bars, cafe, and coffee shops as enjoyable as possible whilst maintaining responsible social distancing, keeping both customers and staff safe.

Introducing BAR SHIELD

ISA Restart – Bar Shield

Bar Shield from ISA is an “over the counter” clear divider system which ensures maximum safety for  both the customer and the operator whilst maintaining the appearance and feel of the cafe or bar area.

It’s a solution designed specifically for the bar world that adapts to any type of venue. It allows you to enjoy a coffee, beer, cocktail or soft drink at the bar as you would have in the past but in total safety, maintaining social distancing both from the operator and from other customers.

Advantages of ISA Bar Shield

It makes your work safe – Bar Shield offers protection to the bar and serving staff along the entire length of the serving counter and in the checkout area. The partitions also ensures the right distance between customers is maintained at all times.

Your operational procedures don’t need to change – Bar Shield allows the operator not to change the work flow and the “layout” of the bar counter. The wide opening on the bottom allows perfect cleaning of the consumable space between one service and another without having to leave the station.

Protect your investments – Bar Shield is completely transparent, limiting the affect and the look of your store. It is modular, 100 cm wide units, allows you to use the full length of the service counter. It is firmly fastened to the counter and it can adjust in depth, adapting to different types of bar counters. It is easy to assemble and disassemble without permanent fixings.

Download the ISA Restart Brochure here >>>

ISA Restart – Bar Shield

Advantages for your customers

It makes them feel safe – Bar Shield offers double protection allowing the right distance between customers, putting the operator in a safe condition.

Coffee at the counter – Customers can enjoy a coffee and pastry at the counter with no need to take them away or have them delivered.

It’s their usual favourite bar – The Bar Shield is completely transparent, keeping intact the relationship with the design of their favourite place and with their favourite barista.

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