Josper Charcoal Grills - Coming Soon!

Josper Charcoal Grills – Coming Soon!We’re proud to announce that we will be adding the amazing range of Josper Charcoal Grills, Ovens and Rotisseries to our equipment range.

Available to order this summer, Taylor UK can supply the perfect Josper Grill for your business. Our regional sales team can advise you on the extensive range of options from open or Basque grills, charcoal ovens and broilers, or rotisseries. With standard units, customisable options and a variety of bespoke options, there’s a Josper grill for every restaurant!

For Josper, grilling over charcoal is a way of life…

Josper has over 50 years of developing technological and innovative equipment used at the pinnacle of gastronomy and the demanding HoReCa sector. Tradition and innovation come together in the design of the grill and oven in a single machine.

Josper’s revolutionary charcoal ovens are unique thanks to expert knowledge and our craftsmen’s love of tradition, new steel alloys and the most cutting-edge designs. They are designed with the demands of professional chefs and the hospitality sector in mind. This allows us to make each product reach its full potential.

Josper Charcoal Ovens

Josper Charcoal Grills – Coming Soon!Josper charcoal ovens HJA and HJX are the perfect partner for the most demanding chefs who want to achieve the highest quality of grilling over charcoal. By bringing the added value that comes from the firewood (charcoal) to the raw material, we obtain those flavours of yesterday, as well as a perfect texture and juiciness. By combining the functions of an oven and grill, we can work at high temperatures, sealing the product, smoking and grilling at the same time. These results are unique, and make the Josper Charcoal Oven a piece of equipment that is also unique.

Josper Basque Grills

Josper Charcoal Grills – Coming Soon!Josper’s Basque Grill is a traditional open grill, with great value due to its versatility and productivity. In its design and construction, Josper has been advised by Bittor Arginzoniz, owner and chef of the restaurant Asador Etxebarri (Atxondo, Biscay, Spain). He has been ground breaking innovator of the most ancient culinary technique in the world, the grill.

Etxebarri is the absolute reference for the gastronomic grill worldwide, being third best restaurant according to “World’s 50 Best” awards. Therefore, his mastering and innovation applied to grilling techniques have been fundamental to produce the whole Basque Grill range.

Josper Rotisseries

Josper Charcoal Grills – Coming Soon!The rotisserie or roaster is an ancient and medieval roasting technique using the spit rod, ideal for large pieces of meat, poultry and even fish or fruit. It is the most primitive technique, where between the product and the embers there is no barrier. The grilled golds are more pronounced and the arrangement of the pieces in the swords is more even. The use of different sort of wood charcoal to obtain different flavours and aromas is much broader and, in addition to it, Josper’s rotisserie strong visual component plays a capital role.

Technologically, the Josper roaster is equipped with an anti-sparks and anti-particle safety system. The external heat emission has been controlled by thermal insulation together with a refractory wall located around the carbon combustion shield. In its production, such as the whole range of Josper products, the best steel alloys created for Josper and traditional craftmanship have been used.

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