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Deli Hold DHC-24S

The Deli Hold DHC-24S Cabinet allows you to hot hold multiple menu items at the same time. Each tray can be programmed with their own specific holding temperatures and time duration to maximise shelf-life whilst maintaining quality and high levels of food hygiene.

Deli Hold is ideal for hot holding cooked proteins like burgers, bacon, chicken wings and hot dogs, fried items like chicken nuggets and wedges, and side dishes like mashed potatoes, cooked rice and roasted vegetables.

Deli Hold is the perfect hot hold cabinet for busy restaurants, pubs, cafés, QSR or fast food outlets and takeaways.

Features of the DHC-24S include:

  • Individual timers – each tray has it’s own individual timer ensuring that each item is only held for the maximum predetermined time to ensure compliance with food safety guidelines.
  • Adjustable holding temperatures – each tray can have specific temperatures set top and bottom to preserve the product at its best.
  • Dry and moist heat – the upper level holds foods in a dry heat environment, ideal for fried menu items. The lower level holds foods in a moist environment, ideal for proteins and vegetables.
  • Thermally insulated – advanced insulation prevents heat loss, reducing power consumption whilst preventing excessive external surface temperatures.
  • Easy to clean – the removable trays catch all of the food debris which are easily removed from the unit and can be cleaned using either soapy water or put through the dishwasher. Internal and external surfaces can be wiped clean.
  • Construction – the main structure of the DHC is manufactured from AISI 304 stainless steel. Dual overheat system prevents overloading to avoid damage. The single side design means the unit can be positioned next to other equipment or a wall.

Technical Specs of the Deli Hold DHC-24S:

  • External dimensions (WxDxH) Unit Only – 954 x 400 x 292 mm
  • External dimensions (WxDxH) with TRAYS – 954 x 463 x 292 mm
  • Capacity – 8 x 1/3GN TRAYS
  • No. Sections – 8 (4x dry, 4x moist)
  • Tray type/size (inc. handle) – 1/3GN – 175 x 428 x 65 mm
  • Weight – 50 Kg
  • Operating temperature range Up to 95°C
  • Timer duration – Up to 60 minutes
  • Nominal power – 2,400 W
  • Voltage – 230v / 50Hz / 1Ph
  • Total amp draw – 11.0 amps
  • Circuit breaker/fuse – 13 amp
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Deli Hold DHC-24S Hot Holder
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