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Frigomat G60 Vertical Batch Freezer

The Frigomat G60 vertical batch freezer has been specifically designed for the easy production of quality gelato, ice cream and sorbet in large quantities to suit the most common container sizes. It is extremely reliable and easy to use and maintain.

The traditional design makes the Frigomat G60 extremely reliable, easy to use and maintain. This machine is ideal for both the experienced gelato master as well as for the beginner who has just started making their own frozen products.

Manufactured in Italy by Frigomat to ensure that European equipment quality and technology standards are met.

Features of the Frigomat G60 include:

Batch Size – Production from 5 Kg to 11 Kg per cycle.

Hourly Production – 50-60 Kg (approximately 4 batches per hour)

Electromechanical Control – Freezing cycle with timer control, end-cycle buzzer, multi-direction beater rotation; anti-clockwise when freezing, clock-wise for product extraction.

Two beater speeds – Normal for freezing, high-speed for extraction with ‘Extra-Freeze’ control to activate compressor when extracting product.

Freezing Cylinder – The Frigomat G60 features a vertical stainless steel freezing cylinder with a removable steel agitator which has removable nylon scrapers which actively push against the cylinder walls for greater efficiency. The freezing system works on both the bottom and cylinder walls to obtain the perfect consistency of the product.

Lid – The transparent polycarbonate lid allows easy inspection of the product during the freezing cycle. It features a ‘safety cut-out’ magnet which stops the agitation when the lid is lifted. This safety feature allows for the possibility to add small pieces – nuts, dried fruits, candies and chocolate for ‘stracciatella’ during the later stages of the freezing process (Inclusions need to be small enough to pass through the safety grid on the dispense door).

Door; practical and safe – The G60 features a removable dispense door for easy cleaning which incorporates a safety grid to prevent objects entering the freezing cylinder during operation. The integrated magnetic safety cut out prevents the machine operating if the door is not installed correctly. The wide extraction hole and ‘knife’ grid allows for quick extraction of the product whilst creating an artisan appearance.

Easy – Mounted on castors, the G60 can be moved easily for cleaning purposes and the height adjustable stainless steel shelf allows for the uses of different size containers.

Power requirements: Three Phase Only

Dimensions: 537 (w) x 853 (d) x 1227 (h) mm

Cooling: Air or Water Cooled

Capacity: 8 – 12  litres per Batch

Hourly Production: 48 – 60 KG per Hour (4-5 Batches)

Chocolate Ice Cream Coupe

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Frigomat G60 Vertical Batch Freezer
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