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Hamilton Beach Eclipse Blender

Quiet and Powerful High-Performance Blending!

The Hamilton Beach Eclipse™ blender is one of the quietest commercial blenders on the market. Ideal for bars, restaurants, cafes and coffee shops who want to make a range of amazing blended drinks without irritating their customers!

The QuietBlend™ technology and advanced Quiet Shield™ enclosure reduces noise and vibrations to a conversational level.

Features of the Hamilton Beach Eclipse™ include:

  • One-Touch Blending Functions – select from over 100 pre-programmed cycles; custom programs are also available with built-in memory card slot.
  • Wave-Action® System – continually forces the mixture down onto the blades for smooth results and no ice chunks.
  • Easy to Maintain – the Quiet Shield™ has built-in clips allowing it to removed quickly and easily fro faster cleanup. The blender jugs can be rinsed quickly using the Hamilton Beach Container Rinser (sold separately).
  • Powerful – the Eclipse features a 3HP motor (peak input power).
  • Compact Size – the Quiet Shield™ opens to a maximum height of 22″ / 56cm.
  • Robust Container/Jug – polycarbonate stackable 64oz / 1.8 litre jug.
  • Lifetime warranty on all metal drive coupling and stainless steel blades.
  • Converts for in-counter use.

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Scotsman IceThe Hamilton Beach Eclipse™ blender is powerful enough to blend any ice type including harder, purer, higher quality ice varieties like those produced in Scotsman Gourmet Supercube or Dice Ice machines.
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Hamilton Beach Container Rinser

Hamilton Beach Container Rinser


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Hamilton Beach Eclipse Blender
Hamilton Beach Eclipse BlenderHamilton Beach Eclipse BlenderHamilton Beach Eclipse BlenderHamilton Beach Eclipse BlenderHamilton Beach Eclipse Blender
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