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ISA – Millennium ST Professional Gelato Cabinet

The Millennium is the ice cream display cabinet that thousands of bars, ice cream shops and vendors all over the world have already chosen for its reliability and performance.You instantly recognise Millennium for its brilliant character, its hi-tech construction and enhanced power system.

It is designed and tested in climate class 7 with a room temperature of +35°C and 75% relative humidity, which are a guarantee of its outstanding performance in all types of environmental conditions.

ISA reliability, top-quality constructional materials and the digital temperature adjustment pre-set from -20°C to +2°C ensure the ideal efficiency-consumption ratio. Its structural technology and tilted display counter give the product on display the best possible food appeal.

The strong and minimalist design of Millennium ST (straight glass) finds its ideal habitat in modern and contemporary environments. The lighting system too, is brand new, which uses LED technology on all its versions.

The only ice cream display cabinet with natural CO2 or Propane refrigerants, the choice is yours…

ISA Aria Logo 2The Millennium is available with R744 (CO2) or R290 (Propane) refrigerants. The Air version uses natural CO2 based refrigerant instead of traditional refrigerants: a cutting-edge technological solution, made possible by years of research and development on the use of new eco-friendly refrigerants and which opens up new horizons in terms of eco-sustainability, reduction of harmful emissions and environmental awareness without compromising on performance and cooling efficiency.

Features include:

Special Performance – the cooling system has powerful motors and is designed to operate in climate class 7 conditions.

Ergonomic Design with great display viability and integrated flavour label rail.

Hidden Castors are entirely Incorporated into the body chassis.

Rolling Night Curtain on the operators side.

Electronic Thermostat allows you to adjust the cabinets operating temperature for either the display of ice cream of pastries.

Glass frame manufactured to CE and UL certification

One-piece tub made entirely from stainless steel with polyurethane insulation, 60 mm thick, blown with ecological CO2 expanding agent.

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ISA Millennium ST
ISA Millennium STISA Millennium STISA Millennium STISA Millennium STISA Millennium ST
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