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Taylor 342 Twin Frozen Beverage Freezer

The Taylor 342 is a high volume twin barrel frozen beverage freezer. Serve two different flavours of milkshake or slush. Or two completely different products from the same machine.

A great frozen beverage solution for high footfall applications like garage forecourts, convenience stores and fast food outlets.

Features of the Taylor 342 include:

Freezing Cylinder – Two, 6.6 litre

Hourly Production** – 109.0 litres (combined output, approximately)

Mix Hopper – Two, 18.9 litre. Refrigerated to maintain mix below 5ºC.

Indicator Lights – Add Mix light and audible alarm alerts the operator to add mix. When the Mix Out light flashes, the unit automatically shuts down to prevent damage. Upon spinner actuation, the spinner light illuminates for 15 seconds as a visual indicator of recommended blending time (only if panel spinner option has been specified).

Automatic Consistency Control – A specially designed viscosity control automatically maintains superior product quality.

Freezer Door – Purge port for quick priming, clear plastic doors merchandises the product while it’s freezing.

Panel Spinners – Conveniently mounted on both sides of the freezer for blending syrups and small inclusions into your beverages. (Optional extra)

Syrup Rail – The integral syrup rail allows flavours to be stored in the recessed area below the dispensing spouts. Separate refrigeration system maintains food safe product temperatures.
Please note – the syrup rail is not designed to hold dairy products.

Technical Specifications 

Dimensions – 816 (w) x 972 (d) x 1464 (h) mm (floor standing)

Weight – 234.4 Kg

Voltage – 230v / 50hz / 1ph

Power – requires TWO 16amp single phase power connections

Cleaning – every 3 days (dairy products)

Output – Approximately 109 litres per hour (combined)

Ideal for all applications including; Cafes, Kiosks, Restaurants, Convenience Stores, Garage Forecourts, Bistros, Bars, Takeaways

Thick Shake

Thick Shakes

Frozen Granitas & Slushes


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Taylor 342 Twin Frozen Beverage Freezer
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