Top Tip - Turn a Sota into a Panini

Top tip tab 200 All you need is a new grill rack…

By simply purchasing a Grill Rack for your TurboChef Sota you can turn it into a TurboChef Panini.

This simple addition allows you to serve toasties, wraps and paninis with the traditional ‘bar marks’.






(Please note: the addition of the grill rack may limit the cooking ability of the oven, reducing the range of products being cooked)

Steps for Operating the TurboChef Sota Oven:

Tc On

  • Control Panel displays “TurboChef Sota Oven Off, Ready To Clean”. (Photo 1)
  • Ensure Cooking Chamber is empty and Turn the Oven ON (Photo 2) by pressing the ON button. Control Panel displays “Warming Up”. (Photo 3)
  • Warming Up Process takes approximately 15 minutes.

Step 2: Cooking

Tc cook2

  • Open door (Photo 4)
  • Load chamber with Product (Panini’s or Toasties). (Photo 5) and close the door.
  • Using Control Panel, press category required (Panini’s or Toasties). (Photo 6)
  • Choose Option (Panini x 1, Panini x 2, etc) (Photo 7)
  • If you select the incorrect option entered, press back to stop cooking and open door. Press correct option to continue.
  • When buzzer sounds (Control Panel alert: “Cooking Done, Remove Product From Oven”), remove product from cooking chamber.

Step 3: Toastie Cooking and Finishing – Best Practice

Tc toasty

  • Place Toastie on Baking Paper and cook in Oven.
  • Load chamber with Product (Panini or Toasties). (Photo 5/9) and close the door.
  • When buzzer sounds (Control Panel alert: “Cooking Done, Remove Product From Oven”).
  • Cook Panini/Toastie, remove from oven and Flip. (Photo 10/11)
  • Slice Panini/Toastie on chopping board garnish and serve. (Photo 12)


If you would like to order a ‘Panini’ rack for your Sota oven or would like some more information on TurboChef rapid cooking, please feel free to either fill in the enquiry form and we’ll call you back or drop us a line on 0800 838 896

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