Since it’s inception in 1991 TurboChef Technologies has continued to be the pioneer in the rapidly emerging world of speed cooking, using proprietary technology which combines air impingement, heat transfer and microwave energy the ovens cook at up to 10 times faster than conventional methods without the operator having to compromise on the quality of the finished product they serve to their customer, all through a ‘ventless’ system, which allows the operator to place the oven almost anywhere without investing in expensive extraction systems.

Worldwide the biggest user of the TurboChef oven is by far Subway who utilise over 35,000 ovens on a daily basis, overall TurboChef have built and installed over 90,000 ovens throughout 60 countries globally.

TurboChef technologies are based out of Carrollton, Dallas where they run a 137,000 square foot facility housing manufacturing, quality control, warranty central and new product development departments, in total consisting of 125 employees.