The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

Welcome to Taylor UK’s ultimate guide to commercial pizza ovens

In this guide we will walk you through all of the different types of commercial pizza oven supplied by Taylor UK and HTG Extras. This will hopefully give you the information you need to make an informed decision on choosing the right pizza oven for your business.

What is a pizza oven?

All ovens cook pizza – right? Well yes, that is true but some do it far better than others…

The defining difference between a pizza oven and a conventional oven is heat and where it comes from. A conventional convection or fan assisted oven has one heater, usually located at the back of the oven, which circulates the heat uniformly around the cooking chamber. This even distribution of heat is great for baking or roasting items but isn’t great for baking pizza. The lack of direct heat from the bottom of the oven often results in soggy bottom (and nobody likes a soggy bottom!).

Pizza ovens usually feature two heat sources, one from above and one from below. The split heat sources allow different temperatures to be set top and bottom. This allows the operator to fine tune the heat distribution within the cooking chamber to get precise results – crisp base without burning the top or vice versa.

Pizza ovens often operate at far higher temperatures compared to conventional ovens. The Turbochef Fire for example can cook at temperatures up to 450°C which gives a ‘hearth style’ finish to the pizza. whereas convectional ovens typically only go to 260-300°C. Baking pizza is all about getting the right heat to the product as quickly and effectively as possible.

What types of pizza oven are there?

The pizza ovens supplied by Taylor UK fall into three categories; deck ovens, hearth style ovens and conveyor ovens. Each produces a different style of finished pizza and each has the positives and negatives.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

Bakers Pride P22s Deck Oven

Deck Ovens – this style of pizza oven is typically stone or brick lined with a low chamber height. The top and bottom temperatures can be independently adjusted to get specific results for the type and style of the pizza being baked. Examples of deck ovens are the Bakers Pride P22s and the Lynx400 Pizza Deck Oven.

‘Hearth Style’ – this style of oven replicates the effect which you would get from traditional wood fired pizza ovens. The temperatures which these oven operate at exceed 400°C making them ideal for fresh dough pizzas. The TurboChef Fire is an example of this type of oven.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

TurboChef 2020 Conveyor Oven

Conveyor ovens – these ovens offer a continuous baking solution. They have a driven belt which conveys the pizza through the cooking chamber. You place raw pizzas on one side and perfectly baked pizzas emerge from the other. Conveyor ovens are ideal for high volume pizza shops, the Turbochef 2020 conveyor is an example of this type of oven.

We offer a wide range of different pizza ovens to suit most budgets. The pizza ovens which we supply are:

Lynx400 Pizza Deck Oven

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

Lynx400 Pizza Deck Oven

The Lynx400 Pizza Deck Oven is a great entry level pizza oven. It’s countertop design means it can be located almost anywhere and the 3Kw power allows you to plug it in to any 13amp socket.

The oven is available in three different colour choices; stainless steel, bright red, or black. It features independent top and bottom heating elements which can reach up to 400°C. The cooking cavity has a firebrick base to give the authentic taste of a stone baked pizza.

This oven can be used to bake either fresh dough or pre-made pizzas (chilled or frozen) up to 14″ in diameter and is ideal for smaller operators who would like to add pizza to their offer but lack either the space or the funds.

The Lynx400 pizza deck oven has a footprint of only 530 (w) x 558 (d) mm and only requires a standard 13amp power supply.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza OvensThe Lynx400 Pizza Deck Oven can be purchased online from our sister website HTG Extras

Turbochef FIRE

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

TurboChef FIRE

The TurboChef FIRE replicates the cooking effect you get from a traditional wood fired oven but without the hassle and space requirements. It features Turbochef’s internal catalytic convertor system which limits any smoke or odours which allows the Fire to be located away from extraction hoods.

The Fire has independently controlled heat from both the top and bottom which can reach up to 450°C. The heat is fan assisted which provides yet more intensity. As a result, the TurboChef Fire can bake a freshly prepared raw dough pizza in as little as 90 seconds!

The Fire has a footprint of just 544 (w) x 760 (d) mm and requires a dedicated 32amp single phase power supply.

The ferocious heat of the Fire makes it perfect for fresh dough pizzas up to 14″ diameter. It is not really designed to bake pre-prepared or frozen pizzas. The Fire is the ideal oven for pubs and restaurants who want to serve authentic pizza but lack the space for a traditional wood fired oven.

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Bakers Pride Deck Pizza Ovens

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

Bakers Pride P44s Deck Oven

The Bakers Pride P22s and P44s deck ovens are traditional pizza deck ovens. They are designed to offer a flexible baking solution to operators who need more capacity.

The P22s model has one cooking chamber which is split into two baking decks each 3.25″ high. The temperature of the top and bottom heating elements are independently controlled to give the perfect results for the product being baked.

The P44S features two cooking chambers, each of which are split in to two decks giving a total of four. Each cooking chamber can be set at different temperatures up to 340ºC. This allows the operator to use the oven to cook a wide range of different products. Alternatively one chamber can be switched off to safe energy at quieter times.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

Bakers Pride P44s Deck Oven

The decks are lined with Cordierite, a stone-like substance, which gives an authentic stone bakes feel to the pizzas. Each deck can accommodate a pizza up to 20″ in diameter. The P22s can bake two pizzas at a time, whereas the P44s can bake four in the same footprint.

The adjustable temperature allows the Bakers Pride ovens to bake any type or style of pizza, as well as other breaded or baked items. They are the ideal oven choice for busy restaurants, cafes, pubs, contract caterers, and fast food outlets who need capacity and flexibility.

The Bakers Pride deck ovens have a compact footprint of 660 (w) x  711 (d) mm and require a dedicated 32amp single phase power supply.

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TurboChef High h Conveyor Pizza Ovens

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

TurboChef 1618 Conveyor Oven

There’s three models in the TurboChef conveyor range, the 1618, 2020, and 2620. They all operate in the same way, the only difference is the size of cooking chamber and length/width of the conveyor belt.

Conveyor ovens use a cooking process called air impingement to transfer the heat to the pizza. Hot air up to 285°C is forced through jet plates into the cooking chamber. The speed at which the air is blown is independently controllable top and bottom. The faster the air moves the greater the browning and crisping effect.

High h means high heat transfer!

TurboChef conveyor ovens have a belt on which the pizzas are cooked. This belt continually rotates through the cooking chamber providing a continuous process. Raw pizzas are placed on one side of the oven, the pass through the cooking chamber and then emerge on the other side fully cooked. This process give the maximum throughput for the operator. The 2020 model can bake up to 60 12″ pizzas every hour!

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

TurboChef 2620 Conveyor Oven

The conveyor ovens can be programmed with up to eight cooking profiles. Each profile can feature a different cooking temperature, different air speeds top and bottom and different belt speeds. As a result the operator can switch between different products simply by pressing a button.

The larger models, the 2020 and 2620 can feature a split belt. This allows you to program two different belt speeds within each cooking profile. This allows you to bake two different items at the same time. For example, the main belt could be baking pizzas at 3 minutes, where the second belt could be used for garlic bread which only takes 60 seconds. This increases throughput significantly.

TurboChef conveyors can be ordered with internal catalytic convertors which limit smoke and odours. This means the ovens don’t necessarily need to located directly under extraction hoods.

The Ultimate Guide to Commercial Pizza Ovens

TurboChef Conveyors

Need a pizza oven with more capacity?

No problem! The TurboChef conveyors can be stacked up to three ovens high. This gives you ultimate throughput in the smallest foot print.

Tight on space? No problem either! The 1618 model can come with a short belt which makes it only 36″ wide. Ideal for cafes and restaurants which are tight on space!

The flexibility of the TurboChef conveyors allows them to bake almost anything. This makes them ideal for any type and style of pizza from freshly made raw dough to pre-made frozen.

The 1618 model has the smallest footprint of only 914 (w) x 805 (d) mm. All models require a dedicated 32amp three phase power supply.

The TurboChef range of pizza ovens are perfect for any foodservice operator who wants to cook pizzas on a large scale.

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