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Case Study – Bizzie Lizzie’s Restaurant Ltd

Taylor C709 – Soft Ice Cream Desserts

Soft ice cream has always been on our menu and the Raspberry Dream is one of our signature desserts. Ice cream goes hand in hand with fish & chips and is very popular with our clientele.

We chose another Taylor machine as we’ve had a long standing relationship with Taylor UK and knew that the machines were reliable and the back up service is good too.

Customers are spending more now as they’re staying for a dessert opposed to going elsewhere. The desserts look very good which helps entice new customers into buying them…

Jo McCartan – Operations Assistant

Raspberry Dream, Large Dessert– Profit Example

Selling Price £5.50
Less VAT* £0.92*
Sub Total £4.58
Less Product Cost £1.00**
Profit per Portion £3.58
Average Daily Servings 10
Nett Daily Profit £35.80
Selling Days 363
Nett Annual Profit £12,995.40


*VAT at 20% **Product cost example provided by Bizzie Lizzie’s Restaurant Ltd


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