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Case Study – Cravings Desserts

Taylor C708

“We looked into the ice cream machine market and found Taylor UK to be the leader. After an initial consultation, we decided to purchase a Taylor 161 – this machine was great!”

“But, after opening our new shop, it became apparent that the 161 couldn’t keep up with the high demands during busy times so we decided to upgrade to the Taylor C708. It has a far higher output and can easily keep up with the demand. The C708 is now a core piece of equipment within our business.”

Asgar Karim – Business Partner

Ice Cream Sundae – Profit Projection*

Selling Price £4.99
Less VAT* £0.83*
Sub Total £4.16
Less Product Cost £1.00**
Profit per Portion £3.16
Average Daily Servings 15
Nett Daily Profit £47.40
Selling Days 280
Nett Annual Profit £13,272.00


*VAT at 20% **Average product cost for regular sundae.

Profit Projection is based on average market examples, NOT actual Cravings Desserts figures.


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