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Case Study – The Yog Shop

Taylor C713 – Frozen Yogurt Desserts

Why did you choose Taylor UK?

“After conducting some internet research we knew Taylor UK was a trusted and reliable supplier with good aftersales service.”

 Why did you add frozen yogurt to your offer?

“We’d discovered that there were no other frozen yogurt shops in North Wales, so we saw an opportunity…”

 Has choosing a Taylor machine been of benefit?

“The equipment has proven as reliable and efficient as we had expected it to be. As it’s our main ’tool’, it’s business critical to have reliability and excellent service support.”

 Has it improved your business?

“It’s enabled us to easily cope with demand when it’s busy. We’ve had an excellent start since we opened and knowing the machine copes easily gives us great peace of mind.”

Harrison Williams – Owner

Frozen Yogurt Desserts – Profit Example

Selling Price £4.00
Less VAT* £0.67*
Sub Total £3.33
Less Product Cost £0.50**
Profit per Portion £2.83
Average Daily Servings 27
Nett Daily Profit £76.41
Selling Days 330
Nett Annual Profit £25,215.30


*VAT at 20% **Product cost example provided by The Yog Shop.


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