Commercial Vacuum Packing Machine

Highly efficient commercial vacuum packing machines from Orved. Reduce product wastage, improve product quality and preserve product shelf-life all at the same time!

These highly efficient vacuum packing machines are intuitive and simple to use. Pre-set ‘Chef’ programs allow you to accurately pack a huge range of food items from fresh fruits and vegetables, meats and fish, dried goods, liquids and wet products, breads and pastries, the list goes on… Read more below and click View Vacuum Packers to see the range!

Orved Vacuum Packing Machine

Orved Vacuum Packing Machine

The Most Valuable Item in Your Kitchen…

Orved represents excellence in the world of vacuum packing both in storage and cooking. Every day, we manufacture products of the highest quality and efficiency which are aimed at simplifying the daily work of our customers. We always guarantee maximum technology and performance with a consistent saving of time and costs.

Reasons why you should vacuum pack…

Vacuum Packing Avoids – the proliferation of those small parasites that normally form in pasta, rice, flour or dried fruit. It slows the deterioration of fats and oils. Reduces the formation of mould, even in foods stored in oil. And it avoids having to resort to store sausages in oil or lard, thus avoiding an annoying and undoubtedly tedious task, that is, the cleaning phase.

Hygiene & Simplicity – By eliminating the air, all those aerobic microorganisms (that is, those that need air to live) cannot proliferate and, consequently, cannot compromise the preservation of food. Items stored in a refrigerator or freezer, can have their self-life times increased considerably, whilst still maintaining the quality and flavour characteristics.

Orved vacuum machines are all equipped with automatic controls, which allow you to create vacuum in three simple steps! Easy to use with maximum results!

Healthy Cooking – Foods preserved by vacuum packaging, once cooked, maintain the quality of fresh foods. The vacuum keeps the organoleptic characteristics unchanged.

Maximum Flavour – the vacuum blocks the process of oxidation so that the dishes preserved in this way do not lose taste, and remain appetizing.

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Save Time – thanks to the vacuum packing process, which guarantees excellent preservation of both cooked products and raw food items. It is possible to take advantage of quieter times of the week. Allowing you to prepare various dishes well ahead of time, which can then be reheated quickly to order. Vacuum packed items are perfect for sous-vide cooking, which is also a great way to free up time during a busy restaurant service.

Preserve products, reduce wastage, save time and money…

No More Smells! – No more bad smells in the refrigerator because all of the essences of the foods remain caught in bags and containers.

Prevent Freezer Burn – the lack of air will prevent the veil of frost that forms on the foods stored in the freezer. The frost dehydrates products and can compromise its nutritional properties. The frost forms due to the freezing of the water particles present in the air. No air, no frost…

Preserve Almost Anything – The advantages of vacuum packaging are not limited to food, but can also be extended to a wide range of everyday items. For example, silverware and gold objects, preventing oxidation, can be stored with this technique. The lack of air also prevents the pages of documents from being yellowed. Clothing can also be stored in this way, avoiding the use of momicides, which smell can be unpleasant to some people. It will be possible to have a lot of free space, reducing the footprint of furnishing accessories such as duvets and pillows. Even films (audio and video tapes, negatives, etc.) can escape the inexorable action of time, thanks to this technique.

Machines for vacuum processing products…

Chef Cycles for food processing – the Idea Hi-Line and Cuisson series feature pre-programmed vacuum processing cycles which maximise efficiency and reduce labour costs, the Chef Cycles include:

  • Marinating in bags – the Idea Hi-Line and Cuisson machines can manipulate the air pressure to maximise marinade absorption whilst using less marinade. The cycle automatically vacuum seals the bag at the end.
  • Marinate in trays – the Idea Hi-Line and Cuisson can be used to marinate trays of products quickly where vacuum sealing isn’t required.
  • Shellfish & Molluscs cleaning – using different air pressures can ‘trick’ shellfish like mussels and clams into purging any grit and dirt in minutes saving hours of prep time.
  • Infusing liquids – the Idea Hi-Line and Cuisson can extract the maximum flavour and aromas from aromatics, infusing them into liquids and oils quickly without the need for heat or additional processing.
  • Vacuum Sealing Liquids – special liquid cycles ensure no over spill.
  • Vacuum Sealing Powders – special cycles slowly remove all of the air from powdered products preventing over spill whilst ensuring the maximum vacuum possible.
  • Vacuum sealing in jars – Orved vacuum packers can be used with vacuum sealing jars for maximum flexibility.

Orved Vacuum Packing Machine

Sous Vide Cooking

Sous Vide Water Bath for Precision Slow Cooking

Orved Vacuum Packing Machine

Orved SV-Thermo Sous Vide Cooking

Orved SV-Thermo is the only thermostatic bath on the market, that has a temperature sensor present in the tub and 3 special high precision probes for temperature control directly in the heart of the product.

Completely made of Stainless Steel, it is ideal for cooking under vacuum at low temperature. Thanks to its reduced size and practical handles, combined with the catering cooking operation, will allow you to always cook under vacuum in any room.

When working, the Orved SV-Thermo does not generate unpleasant smells or smoke, therefore there’s no need to place it under an extraction or recirculating hood.

The unit is equipped with separate hot water, cold water and drain connections, which automatically control the water level and temperature. The SV-Thermo is programmable, it can manage management of 6 water levels, three independent core probes, four cooking modes, delayed start options with overnight cooking in “Ice” mode, and four independent timers.

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Orved Vacuum Pack Machines

Orved Vacuum Packing MachineOrved Idea 42 Hi-Line

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Prevent Product Oxidation – removing the air slow spoilage bacteria, increasing shelf-life.
Prevent Freezer Burn – vacuum packing prevents frost formation, preserving quality.
Maximise Shelf-Life – preserve the quality of products for longer, reducing wastage .
Save Time – prepare dishes ahead of time and perfectly preserve them until they’re needed.
Maximise Hygiene – prevent the spread of spoilage bacteria.
Prevent Odours – vacuum sealing products prevents the spread of strong flavours in the refrigerator.
Maximise Flavour – enclose your items in a sealed environment, trapping in all the flavour.

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Orved Vacuum Packing Machine
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Orved Vacuum Packing Machine

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