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Icetro ISI-301THP

The Icetro ISI-301THP is a medium output pump fed soft serve machine. It’s the perfect addition to any business looking to start serving soft ice cream cones and tubs.

This countertop soft serve machine is air cooled and doesn’t require any specialist electrics as it runs on a standard 13 amp power supply. The automatic heat treatment system pasteurises the mix in the hopper and barrel every night elongating the cleaning interval up to 14 days. The air/mix pump increases the overrun of the finished product creating a softer, smoother ice cream.

Perfect for dairy based soft ice cream, vegan dessert products or any soft serve mix which can be heat treated.

Machine type: Medium volume, single flavour, pump fed with heat treatment

Power requirements: 1x 16amp socket

Dimensions: 460 (w) x 935 (d) x 920 (h) mm

(Counter top)

Approximate output: Up to 30 Kg per hour 

Cleaning frequency: Every 14 days

Ideal for all applications including; Restaurants, Pubs, Cafes, Kiosks, Convenience Stores, Forecourts, Bakeries

Features of the Icetro ISI-301THP include:

• Freezing Cylinder – One, 3.2 litre

• Mix Hopper – One, 17.5 litre. Maintains the temperature of mix, under 5ºC in Auto & Standby modes. Agitator circulates the ice cream mix to prevent separation and to ensure even temperature distribution. Mix low and mix out warnings operate automatically preventing damage to the machine.

• Air Pump System – Automatic air pump system increases overrun which makes soft serve ice cream smoother and softer.

• Direct Motor Drive – Less noise & Less vibration

• Heat Treatment System (Pasteurisation) – Pasteurisation involves heating dairy products for a period of time to kill bacteria, maintaining dairy products up to two weeks. You can also choose an automatic or manual pasteurisation system.

• Artificial Intelligence Control System – A.I Control System makes high quality soft serve ice cream.

• Standby – During long no-use periods, the standby feature maintains safe product temperatures in the mix hopper and freezing cylinder.

• Additional Functions – defrost, product regeneration and water heating functions for easier cleaning.

• Rinse Shower – Built-in flexible rinse shower makes cleaning easy.

• RGB Illuminated Front Panel – The colour of the soft ice cream logo on the front of the machine can be customised on installation.

Vanilla Ice Cream Cone


Cherry Soft Ice Cream Tub


Jersey Gold Ice Cream

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Icetro ISI-301THP
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