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La Cimbali S20-TS4

Up to 200 cups a day, with a guarantee of the highest quality from a semi-automatic machine…

The La Cimbali S20-TS4, which was developed by drawing on knowledge and expertise about traditional machines, enhances the LaCimbali semi-automatic range with a perfect solution for locations that produce around 200 cups a day. Thanks to its built-in soluble hot chocolate system, you can also offer a wide and varied drinks menu, always guaranteeing the highest quality.

Experience in high-quality coffee A result of a combination between the technological innovation of La Cimbali machines and the espresso tradition, La Cimbali S20-TS4 is the ideal tool for offering a unique and unforgettable taste experience. Thanks to the preheated, completely metal group head, you can achieve outstanding results, even for single-origin and speciality coffee, with a guarantee of consistent extraction over time.

A high-quality beverage and a large drinks menu – La Cimbali knows just how important every drink is for you and your customers. That is why the S20-TS4 is designed to guarantee a wide and varied range to satisfy every palate, always with maximum quality guaranteed. Up to 24 different drinks options and 2 hot water selections can be programmed. Milk, in any quantity, is steamed perfectly with the fully automatic TurboSteam wand with four different milk programs.

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The most flexible and customisable interface -The S20-TS4’s 7-inch touchscreen display allows you to see different options on the drinks menu and to customise images displayed by the machine (such as screen savers and during beverage dispensing). You can also assist the customer when choosing their drink with video clips and animations. Images and colours are fully customisable.

TurboSteam Cold Touch – The TURBOSTEAM COLD TOUCH’s main feature is that the outer surface of the wand is cold to the touch before, during and after it emits steam. The wand is coated with a special insulating, non-stick material. This solution makes the new TS CT wand easy to clean and prevents milk residue from sticking to it.

Integrated bi-directional Wi-Fi system – You can remotely communicate with the S20-TS4 via the integrated bidirectional Wi-Fi system, which makes updating software, setting recipes and customising background images simple and intuitive. Units can also be monitored remotely to ensure cleaning and maintenance procedures are completed correctly preventing unnecessary downtime. Settings can also be uploaded via USB stick.

AWS (automatic washing system) – Daily washing cycles are automatically managed by the AWS system. This innovative system provides thorough, efficient cleaning, ensuring maximum hygiene with just one touch.

La Cimbali S20-TS4 package includes:

  • TURBOSTEAM milk wand.
  • Soluble hot chocolate system.
  • 3M Scalguard water filter kit and spare 2nd filter.
  • Full onsite installation and training.
  • Preventative maintenance visit and pressure vessel test on month 12.

Power requirements: 1x 13amp Single phase

Dimensions: 762mm (h) x 370mm (w) x 620mm (d)

(Suitable water and waste connections are required)

Counter cut-outs are required directly below the machine, please see the specification sheet for details.


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La Cimbali S20-TS4
La Cimbali S20-TS4La Cimbali S20-TS4La Cimbali S20-TS4
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