Taylor UK becomes exclusive UK distributor for Quality Fry ventless fryers

Taylor UK is now the Quality Fry exclusive UK distributor…

There’s a new fryer on the block that needs no ventilation, is entirely safe, and is clean and easy to use…

Introducing Fast Chef Elite+ ventless fryers from Quality Fry, the newest addition to the Taylor UK equipment portfolio…

Quality Fry, a Spanish company founded in 2015, is a relatively new manufacturer in the food service industry. But youth isn’t a bad thing… it brings with it a fresh look on how commercial catering equipment should operate within the ever changing hospitality sector…

Since Quality Fry’s formation in 2015, the research and development team at has made noticeable technological advances with their EcoFry technology which has been rewarded with a grant from the European Commission’s Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme

Taylor UK becomes exclusive UK distributor for Quality Fry ventless fryersThe EcoFry technology developed by Quality Fry in its equipment for the hotel and restaurant sector has received recognition from the European Commission, and funding from the SME Instrument project Phase 2 within the Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Framework Programme. SME Instrument is a highly competitive project, the objective of which is to promote, advise and fund small and medium European enterprises developing technologies and products with the potential to transform the market, aimed at improving productivity, energy efficiency and sustainability. To find out more, please follow this link >>>

Taylor UK is excited to partner with Quality Fry and bring this new frying technology to the UK food service market. 

Find out about the Fast Chef Elite here >>>

Taylor UK becomes exclusive UK distributor for Quality Fry ventless fryersThe Fast Chef Elite+ is a range of fully automatic and self-contained, counter top ventless fryers featuring a radical technology, the Ecofry system.  In independent tests carried out by SGS, the Fast Chef Elite used 24% less energy and up to 37% less oil than conventional open fryers.  Plus, it’s fast… the testing found that frying times could be reduced by up to 27%.  (Full test results can be found here >>>)

A ventless, counter top unit, the Fast Chef Elite is very simple to use.  The operator simply places food into the hopper at the top of the machine, pushes the relevant programme time on the control pad and then takes the fried product out of the hopper at the bottom once it’s cooked.  Everything is self-contained inside the unit, so the hot oil is kept completely out of harm’s way.

Since all of the frying is done in the enclosed chamber, the oil has very little exposure to oxygen and none to light, which extends its useful lifespan.  The lack of oxygen also enhances safety by minimising the risk of fire.

Taylor UK becomes exclusive UK distributor for Quality Fry ventless fryersThe Ecofry technology extracts moisture away from the food very quickly, sealing its surface and ensuring the moisture doesn’t contaminate the oil.  This in turn minimises the risk of flavour transfer between batches of different foods and further extends the oil’s lifespan.  The results are crispy, golden fried foods, batch after batch.

The Fast Chef Elite can cook up to 500gm of product per batch.

The self-contained frying chamber can be completely removed and disassembled for cleaning, with 90% of components being dishwasher safe.

“The Fast Chef Elite is a real game-changer,” says Pete Gray, Managing Director of Taylor UK.  “It’s safer, more sustainable and more profitable than an open fryer.  We believe it will appeal to chefs and business operators in many sectors across the foodservice market.”

Find out about the Fast Chef Elite here >>>

Taylor UK will be the Quality Fry exclusive UK distributor and will be sold via the Taylor UK sales and distribution network.

All warranty, service and support requirements will be facilitated by the Taylor UK Customer Service and Support Centre which operates seven days per week with 30 fully trained technicians which are strategically placed throughout the UK, ready to provide service and support whenever you need it.

For more information on the Fast Chef Elite range of ventless fryers or to request your own free consultation and live demonstration with a member of the Taylor UK sales team, call our Sales Office on 0800 838 896 or email

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