Equipment Review - Frigomat GX2


Equipment Review – Frigomat GX2The Frigomat GX2 is the perfect piece of equipment for those wanting to ‘dip their toe’ into the world of ice cream…

Simple to use, clean and maintain whilst having the ability to make 2 flavours at once, the Frigomat GX2 is great for restaurants, cafe’s, visitor attractions and the like to give their business a real unique selling point without the capital outlay of  ‘full production’ level machinery.

The GX2 has the capability to make up to five, 2.5 litre batches of ice cream or gelato per side, per hour so it can cope with the busiest of periods and high demand.Equipment Review – Frigomat GX2

However, the real beauty of the GX2 is that its best used front of house, where the public can see the ice cream being made in front of their eyes! It allows the operator to provide a great sense of theatre for their customers, get their tongues wagging and taste buds popping and be a food destination people are talking about!

Features of the Frigomat Gx2 include:

  • Independently controlled freezing cylinders for maximum flexibility.Equipment Review – Frigomat GX2
  • Freezing cycle controlled by timer setting.
  • Hard inclusions can be added directly into the freezing cylinder.
  • Storage & Display function keeps finished product at the perfect temperature to serve.
  • Over Night Mode – allows the product to be stored in the machine, reducing wastage.
  • Transparent dome lids allow the customer to see the freezing process.
  • Dedicated spatulas for each flavour.
  • On-board cleaning system makes washing simple.
  • Safety switches on lids.
  • Can be built into shop fittings or customised with graphics.


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