Equipment Review - Taylor Clamshell Grills

Equipment Review – Taylor Clamshell GrillsTwo sided cooking…

Burgers, fish, steak, chicken, panni’s and breakfast items etc – just a few of the things the L Series clam shell grill can cook. In fact Taylor L Series Clamshell Grill takes grilling to the next level.

With a long standing partnership with most of the world’s major fast food chains, the Taylor Company has been a US market leader when it comes to fast cooking and grilling.

The Taylor L Series grill features the latest in efficiency, safety and productivity. Just a press of a button cooks healthy seafood, veggie, turkey or regular burgers, grilled sandwiches and much more!

Taylor’s revolutionary two-sided grilling cooks a frozen patty 66 percent faster than traditional flat grills. With programmable cook times, pre-set temperatures and consistent product pressure, you can cook a variety of menu items throughout the day.

Some of the features and benefits of the Taylor L Series clam shell grills are:

Equipment Review – Taylor Clamshell GrillsCooking variables
  • Time – the amount of time required to cook the product to safe temperatures.
  • Temperature – independent temperature settings of the lower plate and upper platen.
  • Gap (thickness) – the amount of compression the upper platen exerts on the product.
Features include
  • Totally automatic, takes the guess work out of cooking and reduces labour requirements
  • External USB port allows for easy menu uploading
  • Easy-to-access external side grease traps allows for easy removal and cleaning
  • Faster
  • Cooks both sides of the product simultaneously
  • Cooks products up to 66% faster than traditional flat grills
  • Increased cooking speeds eliminate holding products and reduce product waste
Equipment Review – Taylor Clamshell Grills
  • Intuitive, programmable controls take guess work out of cooking
  • Up to 72 menu items per cooking zone
  • Self-diagnostics to easily identify faults reducing down time
  • Precise automatic gapping for consistent, great results
  • Evenly cooks by providing consistent temperatures across the entire cook surface
  • Automatically applies the exact pressure to the product to assure consistent cooking
  • Platens will automatically open at loss of power or if an obstruction is detected

The ‘Flat-top grill’ is an integral part of most fast food operations, casual dining restaurants, concession stands and buffet restaurants to name a few. Taylor has taken the concept of the flat top grill to the next level with the design of its clamshell grills; the ability to cook the product from both sides not only makes the cooking process faster, it makes it far more consistent; maintaining product quality whilst reducing wastage.

A 4oz frozen burger takes 90 seconds on a Taylor grill or 60 seconds from fresh!

Equipment Review – Taylor Clamshell GrillsTypical cooking times:
  • Crispy bacon rashers – 60 seconds
  • 6oz fresh chicken supreme – 4 minutes
  • 1/4 lb fresh burger patties – 60 seconds
  • 8oz sirloin steak (rare) – 3 minutes
  • 8oz salmon fillets – 3 minutes
  • Buttermilk pancakes – 90 seconds

With a cook time of just 90 seconds for up to eight frozen quarter pounder patties at time on the smallest version and twenty four on the largest model operators no longer need to hot hold products like they used to. This reduces the need for multiple pieces of equipment which in turn reduces energy costs.

The Taylor Clamshell grill can be used in a variety of different ways, open like a regular flat grill giving the operator the ability to cook all of their regular favourites like hash browns but with the programmability of the grill the operator can create cooking profiles allowing the grill to cook everything from pancakes & bacon to grilled salmon & prawns with all of the usual suspects like; steaks, chicken breasts, burgers, chops in there as well.

The operator has finite control over the grills performance, controlling the grill temperature, the cooking time and the precise gap between the cooking surfaces ensuring that the perfect level of pressure is achieved each time to make the perfect cook regardless of the operator, eliminating those inconsistent results which you sometimes get with flat grills.

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