Equipment Review – ‘Taylor Launch the L-series, Clamshell Grill’

Equipment Review – ‘Taylor Launch the L-series, Clamshell Grill’Do you want to be able to cook 24 quarter pound burger patties, from frozen in just 90 seconds? Grill Chicken in a fraction of the time it takes on a regular flat top grill? We take a look at the brand new clamshell grill from Taylor

A revolution in customer service? The ability to cook menu items to order, reducing unnecessary waste whilst producing a finished product that is better in almost every way? These are just a few of the reasons why one of the world’s most recognisable high street chains use the Taylor range of clamshell grills to cook their core menu items.

Equipment Review – ‘Taylor Launch the L-series, Clamshell Grill’Gone are the days of batch cooking burgers and holding them in hot boxes. Having a highly efficient cooking platform that can grill quarter pound, frozen, burger patties in only 90 seconds is the future of quick service restaurants… But these grills are not just a one trick pony; they can cook anything which you can cook on a regular flat top grill, only FASTER!

From steaks to chicken and grilled fish to toasted sandwiches, the Taylor L-Series range of clamshell grills can cook it all. The upper platens double the cooking surface, as a result it halves the time it takes to cook your menu items. Speeding up service whilst maintaining the high quality standards your customers demand.

The L-Series grills are fully programmable; allowing the operator to control the gap between the cooking surfaces optimising the heat transfer and also the time it takes to cook the item. Once programmed, the grill can be set by anyone using the touch screen controls and when the cycle is complete; the grill automatically raises the upper platen alerting the operator that their food is done. Quality, consistent results time and time again…

Some of the features of the Taylor L-Series Clamshell Grills include:

Equipment Review – ‘Taylor Launch the L-series, Clamshell Grill’Small footprint – The modular design with multiple cook surface size options allows the grill to be used by a wide range of different operators. Single platen grills for smaller operators, three platen grills for those who just can’t always keep up!

Cook FASTER – The clamshell grill cooks both sides of the product simultaneously, cooking up to 2/3 faster than traditional flat grills.

Customisable – The grills can be programmed to cook your products to perfection. The solid state control with touch screens allows almost anyone the ability to cook quality, consistent results with only the most basic training.

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