Ham, Cheese & Tomato Toastie With Rocket

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Regular cook time : 4 minutes

TurboChef cook time: 60 seconds!


2 slices Thick White Bread
3 slices Honey Roast Ham
2 slices Mature Cheddar Cheese
1 tbsp. Tomato Chutney (optional)
Small Handful Rocket Leaves (optional)


Construct the sandwich in following order:
1. Take one slice of bread
2. Spread the tomato chutney evenly over the bread
3. Evenly layer the ham over the chutney
4. Gently crush the rocket leaves and place on top of the ham
5. Arrange the cheese slices on top of the rocket
6. Top with the remaining slice of bread
7. Place in your TurboChef oven and cook on the Toastie setting for 60 seconds.

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