Milkshakes To Go!

Milkshakes To Go!

Milkshake Home Delivery Package

Do you offer home deliveries? Or are you looking to start them soon…?

Our milkshake home delivery package could be the perfect addition to your business, offer amazing hand spun shakes for either eat in (when we can do that again), takeaway or home delivery. 

Milkshakes To Go!

Taylor 430 with Spinner

Our new range of Cambro GoBox® insulated home delivery boxes with integral beverage holders are the ideal solution for safe home deliveries. The robust thermal insulation will keep home deliveries cold (or hot, they can be used for either) for up to four hours. The internal beverage holders keep any type of drink container upright from 8oz to 32oz in a variety of sizes. Perfect for all types of frozen milkshake, freakshake, blended shake, or…  

Milkshakes To Go!We’ve teamed up with Lakeland Dairies to supply 60 litres of Comelle UHT thick shake mix which can be stored in a cool, dry place for up to 9 months making it the perfect option for operators with limited refrigeration space.

Our package includes a starter pack of four IBC Simply sauces which are ideal for spinning through and drizzling over your milkshakes and freakshakes. Learn more about IBC Simply here >>>

Our Milkshake Home Delivery Package includes:

  • Milkshakes To Go!

    Half Size GoBox with Cup Holders

    Taylor 430 Shake Machine with ‘Spinner’
  • GoBox® Half Size Home Delivery Box with 2 Cup Holders
  • 60 litres Comelle UHT Shake Mix
  • IBC Simply Starter Pack of Four Flavour Syrups

We’re flexible… you don’t have to have the whole package, we can add or remove items to fit your business needs. Contact us on 0800 838 896 to arrange the perfect package for you!

Milkshakes are a hugely profitable addition to any menu. A typical profit example for a ‘Freakshake’ style milkshake could be:

Freakshake R.R.P. – £4.50

Minus VAT at 20% – 75p

Minus Average Product Cost – £1.25

Potential Profit per Shake – £2.50

Expected Servings per Day – 35

Net Daily Profit – £87.50

Trading Days Per Year – 360

Potential Net Annual Profit* – £31,500.00

If you buy the package outright, you could see a return on your investment in as little as 3 months!

Try Our Profit Calculator Yourself >>>

Keep hold of your cash and buy on a lease…

You can buy your home delivery package outright. Alternatively, to help businesses during these challenging times, our funding partner; Kennet Leasing can offer a range of finance options including ‘Low Start’ lease rental agreements to help reduce cash outlay over the next six months.

A typical example** of a ‘Low Start’ Lease Rental Rental Agreement could be:

Amount to be leased – £4,895.00

Deposit (1st months payment) – £96.37

Five Monthly Payments – £97.37 

30 Monthly Payments – £212.00 

Lease rental value and payments are subject to VAT. Lease payments can be offset against pre-tax profits. Duration of lease 36 months, total amount borrowed £6938.22. Taylor UK is a broker not a lender. Funding is provided by Kennet Equipment Leasing and is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority FRN 67602. Any lease offer is subject to credit check and status. Lease funding may not be suitable for all.

Arrange a free consultation with your local Taylor UK Sales Manager to find your individual profit potential and to discuss your lease options.

Call 0800 838 896 or email

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*Profit example if for illustrative purposes only and does not take into account any operational costs, your circumstances and profit potential may differ.
**Typical lease example is for illustration purposes only and does not show the RRP of the equipment. Contact us for accurate pricing and availability.

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