Taylor Model C606 - Equipment Focus

Combination Soft Ice Cream and Thick Shake Machine……….


Taylor Model C606 – Equipment FocusThe benefits of the Taylor C606 frozen sundae machine goes way beyond the modular design, it’s found in the equipments’ ability to deliver high volumes of product continuously.

The high efficiency refrigeration system is quiet and enhances overall capacity to meet heavy demand periods. And, it includes our patented Heat Treatment system to ensure product integrity, and the C606 only requires disassembly and cleaning 26 times a year, which in turn saves on labour and product wastage costs.

With this machine you will have the versatility to serve both soft ice cream and thick shake products whilst saving on floor space with a combined unit, and with the integral syrup rail you can add unique speciality ice cream desserts by adding hot fudge or caramel, or inclusions such as confectionery, nuts or fresh fruit.

And on the shake side you can offer four delicious shake flavours that are automatically dispensed at the touch of a button, ensuring this state of the art machine will increase your menu options to increase customer footfall and profits.

And profits can be enormous as it is not uncommon that our customers obtain a ‘return on investment’ in less than 12 months – just refer to the case studies on our web pages to see for yourself how much our customers are making!

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