Product Review - Frozen Yopiu 'N'

Product Review – Frozen Yopiu ‘N’Taylor UK’s Frozen Yopiu ‘N’ our ‘N’atural soft serve frozen yogurt powder – The true goodness that ddoesn’t need any word

As consumers continue to focus on healthy products we have introduced a very simple and clean label of ingredients for soft serve frozen yogurt, achieved by way of replacing sugar with fructose and totally eliminating all emulsifying agents and stabilisers. Yopiu ‘N’ is the healthier way of making frozen yogurt.

Frozen Yopiu ‘N’ flaunts a slightly fruity taste, and has the typical creamy texture of soft serve frozen yogurt, with good product stability even without stabilisers. The practical 1.5 kg packaging, packed 10 x 1.5 kgs to a case needs to be diluted with 6-litres of milk or with a mixture of milk and yogurt (up to 3 litres + 3 litres) which is enough to keep unaltered the powder/liquid ratio and to allow for adjustment depending on your customers tastes. The final ingredients will simply be milk, yogurt, fructose, pre-biotic vegetable fibre, glucose syrup, citric acid and flavours.Product Review – Frozen Yopiu ‘N’

As dedicated frozen yogurt stores, and ‘stand alone’ operations within an existing businesses continue to grow at an incredible rate (no longer the domain of only London and the South East) we see consumers identifying soft serve frozen yogurt as the very latest “Cool Food”. Its name recalls a healthy lifestyle and a light modern diet, which in its self is attracting a large number of high spending consumers, namely women of all ages and young people, but acceptable across the whole age spectrum, all of which thoroughly enjoy soft serve frozen yogurt for breakfast, as a snack, lunch or as a dessert.

All of the above is a phenomenal opportunity for you to make some great profits and satisfy your customers tastes – all you need is a soft serve machine and of course the mouth watering Yopiu ‘N’

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